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Ohio Parking Laws

Ohio Parking Laws


Quick Guide to Ohio Parking Laws 

Ohio Parking Laws

A complete list of Ohio parking law can be found in the Ohio Revised States under Chapter 4511: Traffic Laws—Operation of Motor Vehicles.  Specific Ohio parking laws that address parking are listed below: 

• 4511.68 Parking—prohibited acts

• 4511.681 Parking on private property—prohibited acts

• 4511.69 Parking Requirements 

This article will discuss some of these Ohio parking laws, as well as information about paying your ticket online.  If you’re looking specific prices for fines, you’ll have to contact your local Department of Public Service.  If you’re looking to contact the Columbus DPS, you can call (614) 645-6400 or visit 2700 Impound Lot.  You can also contact your local police station to receive individual codes and fines.  

4511.68 Parking—prohibited acts

This Ohio parking law prohibits specific cases of parking.  If you have violated an Ohio parking law listed below, you will likely receive a fine and be subject to significant fine in certain cases.  Prohibited acts include:  

• on a sidewalk

• in front of a public or private driveway

• within an intersection

• within ten feet of a fire hydrant 

• on a crosswalk

• within twenty feet of a crosswalk at an intersection

• within thirty feet of a stop sign or traffic control device

• between a safety zone and the adjacent curb

• within fifty feet of a railroad crossing 

• within twenty feet of a driveway entrance to any fire station or on the opposite side of the street

• alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction that would obstruct traffic

• alongside any vehicle stopped or parked on the street

• upon any bridge, an elevated highway, or tunnel

• any place where signs prohibit parking

• within one foot of another parked vehicle

There are several other Ohio parking laws listed under this section, and to view just this section, access the following link.

4511.681 Parking on private property—prohibited acts

This Ohio parking law provides brief provisions for parking on private property.  If any of the Ohio parking laws under this section are violated, the offender may receive a minor misdemeanor.  

If the owner of the property posts notification of no parking on property in clear vision, no driver can do the following: 

• park the vehicle on the property without consent from the owner

• park the vehicle on the property in any violation of a conditions posted by the owner

For an Ohio parking law under Section 4411.69, visit the following link.

How do I pay a ticket online? 

If you have violated an Ohio parking law, you’ll have to visit the official website of your city’s Department of public service or go through your county court.  In order to pay ticket for violating Ohio parking laws in Columbus.  

If you do not want to go through your department of public service, you can reach a link for county courts at the following website:  https://www.ohiocourtlinks.org/.