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Mississippi Vehicle Registration

Mississippi Vehicle Registration

Mississippi Vehicle Registration: A Definitive Guide

Mississippi requires vehicle owners to register their vehicles with the state’s Department of Revenue (DOR). If you’re new to the state or have recently purchased a vehicle, here’s what you need to know to register your vehicle in Mississippi.

Registration Requirements

In Mississippi, the following vehicles require registration:

– Cars
– Trucks
– Motorcycles
– Trailers over 1,000 pounds
– Boats
– ATVs
– Mobile homes
– RVs

To register your vehicle, you’ll need the following documents:

– Proof of ownership (title)
– Mississippi driver’s license or state identification card
– Vehicle registration application
– Lease agreement (if you’re leasing the vehicle)
– Proof of insurance
– Payment for registration fees and taxes

Registration Process

Here’s the step-by-step process to register your vehicle in Mississippi:

1. Obtain a title for your vehicle.

If your vehicle was previously titled in another state, you’ll need to obtain a Mississippi title. If you purchased your vehicle from a dealer, they should provide you with the necessary paperwork. If you purchased your vehicle from an individual, you’ll need to request the title from the seller and have it transferred to your name.

2. Get a Mississippi driver’s license or state identification card.

If you don’t already have a Mississippi driver’s license or state identification card, you’ll need to obtain one before registering your vehicle.

3. Complete the vehicle registration application.

You can obtain the application from the DOR’s website or any local tax collector’s office.

4. Provide documentation of insurance.

You’re required to have liability insurance in Mississippi. You’ll need to provide proof of insurance when you register your vehicle.

5. Submit your application and fee payment.

Submit your completed application, proof of insurance, and payment for registration fees and taxes to your local tax collector’s office.

6. Receive your registration and license plate.

Once your application is approved and fees are paid, you’ll receive a registration decal and license plate. The decal should be placed on the rear license plate, and the plate should be displayed on the back of your vehicle.

Registration Fees

Mississippi registration fees vary depending on the vehicle type, age, and weight of your vehicle.

For cars and trucks, the registration fee is $14.00. Motorcycles are $10.00, and trailers over 1,000 pounds are $20.00. Additional fees are added for vehicles that are more than 10 years old and weigh over 10,000 pounds.

Late fees will apply if you fail to register your vehicle within 15 days of the purchase or move-in date.


Registering your vehicle in Mississippi may seem like a daunting process, but it’s a necessary step to ensure that your vehicle is legal and safe to operate in the state. By following the registration requirements and steps outlined in this article, you’ll be on your way to obtaining your Mississippi registration and hitting the road.

Mississippi vehicle registration laws require motor vehicle owners to register vehicles with the Department of Public Safety before driving them on the road. Both new and used motor vehicles have to be registered with the state Department of Public Safety.  You have to register your motor vehicle within seven days after becoming the owner. If you are a new Mississippi resident, you need to complete you MS thirty (30) days.

Initial Mississippi Vehicle Registration

If you need to complete the MS vehicle registration for the first time, you need to complete the following steps. First, you must fill out the title and MS registration form, which you can get from your local county tax office. You should also make sure you have the vehicle’s title or a replacement title, a bill of sale, and the current odometer disclosure statement if it is not found on the back of the vehicle title.

You can then visit your local county tax collector’s office and bring those documents along with proof of insurance for your MS vehicle registration. For any vehicles that have been previously registered in another state, you will also have to have the original, out-of-state title. If this original title is unavailable, you can bring the vehicle registration document with your proof of payment for sales tax in your state.

Mississippi Vehicle Registration Fees

When you register your motor vehicle at your local county tax collector’s office, you can then pay certain fees, depending on the vehicle’s year of manufacturing and its weight. The first time fee for this is $10. You will also need your title application fee. Depending on your county, there may be other fees during your MS registration. You can contact your local county tax collector’s office to find out the specific requirements for your MS vehicle registration.

Renewing your Mississippi Vehicle Registration

The Mississippi State Tax Commission will give notices to motor vehicle owners regarding their expiration dates for their MS registration by mail. You can renew your MS vehicle registration before the expiration date through Mississippi State Tax Commission’s online service, or in person. The online renewal system, Mississippi 1-Stop, is currently available for Alcorn, Lauderdale, Madison, Hancock, Lee, Harrison, Jackson, Rankin, Desoto, Lafayette, and Warren. Additionally, you can renew your Mississippi vehicle registration through the Hinds County Tax Collector website if you are from Hinds County. If your county is not one of these, you must renew your MS registration in person through your local tax commissioner’s office. In order to renew your registration, it will cost $8.75 for each vehicle. You may also have to pay an Ad Valorem and a Privilege Tax depending on the model and value of the vehicle.