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Georgia Vehicle Registration

Georgia Vehicle Registration

Georgia Vehicle Registration: A Comprehensive Guide


Vehicle registration is an important process that every vehicle owner needs to go through. In Georgia, vehicle registration can be done online, via mail, or in person at the Georgia Department of Revenue or any authorized tag office. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to Georgia vehicle registration.

Documents Required for Georgia Vehicle Registration

To register a vehicle in Georgia, the following documents are required:

1. Title and registration application: This is the document that proves ownership of the vehicle. It is issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue or any authorized title agency.

2. Proof of Georgia residency: This can be a utility bill, lease agreement, or any document that shows that the vehicle owner is a Georgia resident.

3. Proof of insurance: Georgia law requires that every vehicle must be insured with liability coverage.

4. Georgia driver’s license: This is required for vehicle registration in Georgia.

5. Payment for registration fees and taxes: The fees and taxes vary depending on the type and model of the vehicle.

Steps to Register a Vehicle in Georgia

1. Obtain a title and registration application.

2. Obtain a Georgia driver’s license.

3. Obtain proof of Georgia residency.

4. Obtain proof of insurance.

5. Submit the title and registration application along with the required documents and fees to the Georgia Department of Revenue or any authorized tag office.

6. Once the application is processed and approved, the vehicle owner will receive a license plate, registration certificate, and validation decal.

Renewal of Georgia Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration in Georgia must be renewed every year. The process can be done online, via mail, or in person at any authorized tag office. To renew the registration, the following documents are required:

1. Vehicle registration renewal notice: This is sent to the vehicle owner by mail.

2. Proof of insurance.

3. Payment for renewal fees and taxes.

4. Pass emissions testing: Some counties in Georgia require emissions testing before vehicle registration renewal.


Georgia vehicle registration is a straightforward process that requires the submission of the required documents and fees to the Georgia Department of Revenue or any authorized tag office. Vehicle owners must also renew their registration every year. It is important to ensure compliance with the Georgia vehicle registration requirements to avoid penalties and fines.

You will need to need to go through Georgia Vehicle registration process if you:

• Are a new resident of Georgia

• Just purchased a vehicle (new or used)

• Are transferring ownership of a vehicle

Regardless of the situation, everyone is given thirty (30) days to properly complete the Georgia Vehicle registration for their vehicles with the Department of Driver Services. This mean that means:

• If you have just purchased a vehicle or if you are transferring ownership of a vehicle, you have thirty (30) days from the date you officially become the vehicle’s owner to register the vehicle to complete your GA vehicle registration.

• If you have just moved from another state to Georgia, you have thirty (30) days from the date you establish residency in Georgia to complete your GA vehicle registration.

You must also have accident liability insurance for your motor vehicle, and show proof of it when completing your Georgia vehicle registration.

In most states, the paperwork is taken care of by a dealer if you have purchased a new vehicle from a dealership. However, if your situation does not involve a dealer, you will have to register your vehicle. You will need to have the following paperwork and documentation in order contacting the local County Tax Commissioner’s licensing office:

• Fill out a Title/Tag Application.

• Show proof of residency.

• Have your state-issued ID card or driver’s license.

• If needed, have your motor vehicle’s emissions inspected and get proof that your vehicle passed.

• If you are not completing your title and registration applications at the same time, you will need to show ownership of the vehicle.

• Have proof of insurance.

• If you are applying for only a registration your vehicle does not require a Georgia title, you will need to present the original registration certificate.

• If your current registration certificate is from a state that does not issue titles, you must get your Vehicle Inspection Number verified and you must show valid proof of this.

Registration Fees for Georgia Vehicle Registration

The flat registration fee for normal passenger vehicles as well as motorcycles is only $20, but there are many additional fees. You will pay more the very first time you register your vehicle in Georgia because you are also dealing with ad valorem tax, sales tax, and other title-related fees. The state of Georgia provides an outline of fees to expect depending on your personal situation.

License Plates for Georgia Vehicle Registration

You may transfer your previous vehicle’s license plates to your new one if both vehicles need the same type of plate during your GA vehicle registration. In addition to the standard and disabled license plates that are available from Georgia, you can choose other plates that are specialized or personalized.

Normally, your license plate’s decal is already placed in the bottom right corner of your plate after the GA vehicle registration. However, if you find that your sticker and plate are unattached, either follow the enclosed instructions or call your local County Tax Commissioner’s tag office to ask about your GA vehicle registration.