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Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

Oklahoma Vehicle Registration: A Guide

If you own a vehicle in Oklahoma, you need to properly register it with the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) to comply with state laws. In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to the process of registering your vehicle in Oklahoma.

Registration Requirements

The following vehicles require registration in Oklahoma:

– Passenger cars
– Trucks
– Motorcycles
– Trailers
– Recreational vehicles
– Boats

To register your vehicle, you will need:

– Proof of ownership (title or registration certificate)
– Oklahoma driver’s license or state-issued ID
– Vehicle Registration Application
– Payment for registration fees and taxes
– Proof of insurance

Registration Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering your vehicle in Oklahoma:

1. Obtain a title for your vehicle.

If your vehicle is new or was previously titled in another state, you’ll need to obtain an Oklahoma title. You can do this by visiting the OTC office.

2. Obtain Oklahoma insurance.

Oklahoma requires minimum liability insurance of 25/50/25. You’ll need to provide proof of insurance when registering your vehicle.

3. Complete the Vehicle Registration Application.

The application is available on the OTC website, at any OTC office, or at some tag agencies.

4. Submit your application and fees.

You can submit your application and fees in person at an OTC office or tag agency. You can also submit your application and fees by mail.

5. Receive your registration and license plate.

After your application is approved, you will receive a registration certificate and a license plate. Place the license plate on the front and back of your vehicle.

Registration Fees

Oklahoma registration fees vary based on the type of vehicle you own. Passenger cars have a base fee of $85.00. Additional fees may apply for vehicles over specific weights and ages.

Other fees may apply, such as a technology fee, a lien filing fee, and a late fee if you fail to register your vehicle within 30 days of the date you started operating the vehicle in Oklahoma.


Registering your vehicle in Oklahoma is necessary to comply with state laws. By following the registration requirements outlined in this article, you can easily register your vehicle and avoid fines or penalties. Remember to keep your registration up to date to avoid any complications while operating your vehicle, and don’t forget to renew your registration each year.

According to the rules of Oklahoma vehicle registration, all vehicles, including boats and any outboard motors that have more than 10 horsepower must be registered annually, unless they are in salvage or in junked status. There are no exceptions for vehicles, motors, or boats that are not in use in Oklahoma. The type of Oklahoma vehicle registration depends upon the class of vehicle, how the vehicle is used, and sometimes the qualification of the vehicle owner. Most Oklahoma vehicle registration transactions can be completed a local Oklahoma motor license agency.

Initial Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

If you are completing the OK vehicle registration process, will need to complete the following:

• Provide proof of liability insurance before registering your motor vehicle

• The vehicle title

• Application for the vehicle’s title form which must be notarized

• Declaration of Purchase Price or a Bill of Sale

• Proof of identification

Noncommercial Oklahoma Vehicle Registration Fees

Noncommercial OK vehicle registration rates apply to passenger automobiles, non agricultural and non commercial trucks, motor homes, and travel trailers. Any noncommercial vehicles that have OK registration are registered based on their initial year of registration, as follows:

• $91.00 for 1st through 4th year of OK registration

• $81.00 for 5th through 8th year of OK registration

• $61.00 for 9th through 12th year of OK registration

• $41.00 for 13th through 16th year of OK registration

• $21.00 for 17th year and over

Any motorcycles that are used on the highways and within the state of Oklahoma must have OK registration based on of their years of OK registration, as follows:

• $94.00 for 1st through 4th year of OH vehicle registration

• $84.00 for 5th through 8th year of OH vehicle registration

• $64.00 for 9th through 12th year of OH vehicle registration

• $44.00 for 13th through 16th year of OH vehicle registration

• $24.00 for 17th year and over

Any commercial trucks, which include trucks, station wagons or truck tractors utilized mainly in commercial settings have OK vehicle registration fees which are based upon the declared laden weight of the truck and, in some circumstances, the age of the truck. In order to qualify for the commercial truck OK registration for vehicles 15,000 pounds or under, at least one of these qualities must be present:

• Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit Number

• Federal Employers Identification Number

If the commercial use if for a sole proprietor, a copy of the IRS Schedule C from the sole proprietor’s recent tax year.

Renewing Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

The Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division notifies owners of motor vehicles with impending expiration dates of their Oklahoma vehicle registration renewal by mail. OK vehicle registrations can be renewed prior to the expiration date through the mail, or in person with the Oklahoma Tax commission.