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Speeding Ticket Arizona

Speeding Ticket Arizona


A speeding ticket in AZ is a serious issue if you do not handle it appropriately.  While most speeding ticket in Arizona issue will not need to be resolved in traffic court or result in severe penalties, ignoring the ticket, fighting the ticket with law enforcement and the severity of the traffic offense can all contribute to an unsatisfactory resolution to this traffic safety matter.  You must obey all traffic signs, even in an emergency and you must interact politely with law enforcement, regardless of 

Fighting a speeding ticket in AZ

You will generally need to get an attorney to fighting a speeding ticket in Arizona.  This makes this matter much more expensive than simply paying on the ticket.  You will challenge the speeding ticket in Arizona in this was only when there are other consequences stemming from the speeding ticket, including losing one’s license.

What is the penalty associated with a speeding ticket in AZ

A speeding ticket in Arizona can potentially be as serious as a class 2 misdemeanor for the first time but can also be sufficiently higher for repeated offenses.  This is found in 28-121 of the Arizona code.  For most other speeding ticket in Arizona, this will result in 3 points on one’s license.  The collection of enough points can lead to the suspension and revocation of your driver’s license, as well as other civil penalties.

Can I have a speeding ticket in AZ removed from my record?

If you cannot fight the speeding ticket in Arizona, one of your other options will be to take an online driving class.  The court will allow this and make passing it conditional on removing the speeding ticket in Arizona from your record.  This option will be for those that have committed a moving violation, or have not attended a similar class to remove an infraction in the past 24 months and in both circumstances, no one was seriously injured or killed in the accident.

Radar camera speeding tickets in Arizona

There are somewhat different rules involved with speeding tickets take by photo radar units.  Speeding tickets in Arizona that are taken by camera need to be served to the driver under which the car is registered and this includes drivers from out of state.  There will be a certified letter sent to you that once signed, acknowledged that you have been served and will now have to meet the obligation attached to the speeding ticket in AZ.  Your state may prosecute the speeding ticket from Arizona depending on your willingness to be served and your cooperation as well as the feasibility of dealing with the matter in Arizona.

How to deal with a traffic stop for a speeding ticket in AZ

Under no circumstances are you to argue or confront law enforcement when you are stopped and written a ticket.  You will not “win” or convince the police officer of your innocence and stand to escalate the situation.  You will need to cooperate, accept the ticket and prepare to pay, challenge or otherwise deal with the ticket according to speeding ticket in AZ laws.

Should I get an attorney to fight speeding tickets in Arizona?

If you get multiple speeding tickets in Arizona, then you should consider the services of speeding tickets in Arizona attorney to get the penalties associated with speeding reduced.  You will do this to avoid losing your license, demonstrating a commitment to reduce unsafe behavior and otherwise demonstrate that you will avoid further speeding tickets in Arizona.  Multiple speeding tickets in Arizona can lead to imprisonment and other penalties and you will want an attorney to help you avoid these issues.


Speeding Ticket Tennessee

Speeding Ticket Tennessee


The state of Tennessee uses a points system for moving violations and there are separate standards for private and commercial vehicles.  When you are handed a speeding ticket in TN, your points total might rise substantially, which will bring you close to losing your license. The rise in points corresponds to the severity of the speeding and subsequent danger or injury caused by the driver prior to the arrest.  Though righting tickets might not be a priority for you, one should consider the ramifications of having a speeding ticket on their record, particularly with previous traffic violations on their record.

Contesting a speeding ticket in TN

You might want to consider challenging a speeding ticket Tennessee if you have a number of points already on your record.  Since some instances of speeding can net you up to eight points on your records, you might need to consider hiring legal representation to help you defend against the ticket.  Note that once you accumulate 12 points in 12 months, your license will be revoked accordingly.  Only through a hearing will any individual be allowed to regain the privilege to drive.  Avoiding this process begins with consulting with an attorney to determine if you have reasonable cause to challenge the ticket.  Only then can the legal matter proceed.

What are the point penalties for speeding ticket in TN?

The baseline point value for speeding is one point and this is granted for those that exceed the speed limit by 1 – 5 miles per hour.  It is usually not likely that one is given a speeding ticket Tennessee for this offense.  The point total jumps to three however, for violations ranging from 6 – 15 mph over the speed limit.  The point totals increase incrementally for the speeding ticket in TN, by one for each interval of five after that, for up to six points for exceeding the speed limit by 36 – 45 mph.  

Note that the points from a single incident resulting in a speeding ticket in TN can be as high as 8 points if the driver is found to be driving at 45+ mph, has caused injury, has a cancelled license or is otherwise reckless and in the process, endangers others.

Point penalties raise insurance rates as well as bring one closer to license suspension, which is why you will consider a legal defense when you receive a speeding ticket Tennessee.

How do I get points taken off my license if I get a speeding ticket Tennessee?

When you get a speeding ticket Tennessee, you might have to arrange to take a defensive driving class or other educational courses.  These are not mandatory and you only be eligible to take these classes for minor offenses related to speeding tickets in Tennessee.  

How do deal with being issued a speeding ticket TN

When you are stopped on the road for a speeding ticket Tennessee, your conduct will be important.  Do not argue or try to beat the ticket with law enforcement.  Be polite and avoid confrontation to avoid further penalties aside from the speeding ticket in TN.  You will take the ticket and set your day in traffic court, if necessary.  No other action should be taken on your part when the speeding ticket Tennessee is written.

Should I find an attorney to deal with my speeding tickets in Tennessee?

Generally a speeding ticket in TN is not a major issue but multiple speeding tickets in Tennessee can compromise your right to operate a motor vehicle and keep your license.  There might even be stiff penalties attached to those that routinely accumulate speeding tickets in Tennessee.  Avoiding speeding tickets in Tennessee is one of the conditions for receiving a license in TN.  You will work with speeding tickets in Tennessee attorney to negotiate and work to keep your license in your hands, without further complications from your negligent driving behavior.


South Carolina Traffic Laws

South Carolina Traffic Laws


A brief guide to South Carolina traffic laws

As a driver, you have many responsibilities that must be followed. Failure to obey all driving regulations may lead to a South Carolina traffic fine. There are many different regulations which you must be aware of to avoid this outcome. To ensure that you do not violate any South Carolina traffic law, you should familiarize yourself with the state driving manual.

A common driving violation is speeding. Bear in mind that while South Carolina traffic laws govern how fast you can go in a given zone in any part of the state, these are not the only regulations to be aware of. A county or district has the right to customize these guidelines as they see fit. You should also be alert for any posted signs detailing what the South Carolina traffic law regarding the maximum and minimum speed in a given area states. 

These kinds of violations are minor in and of themselves. However, if you receive multiple tickets that result in a South Carolina traffic fine, you risk raising your insurance rates considerably. Multiple violations can also indicate a pattern of reckless driving which endangers others. If the court system determines this is the case, South Carolina traffic law can allow for your driving rights to be suspended or permanently revoked.

It is important to drive safely at all times. Failure to signal turns properly or other careless vehicular conduct can lead to a South Carolina traffic fine being issued by a police officer. Similarly, it is important to ensure that you are driving a vehicle which is in good condition. People driving without properly functioning brakes, non-functional headlights or otherwise operating a defective vehicle may be assessed South Carolina traffic fines.

There are more serious potential violations to be aware of. The most important South Carolina traffic laws concern driving conducted under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. If you are pulled over by a police officer and discovered to be in such a state, you may be arrested. South Carolina traffic law can take several steps at this time. You may be prosecuted for a misdemeanor or felony depending on the specific circumstances of your violation. Such infractions may lead to jail time or large South Carolina traffic fines.

Just because your vehicle is no longer in motion does not mean that you should not be aware of the law. A South Carolina traffic fine may be levied on someone who parks in a forbidden location, such as in front of a railroad intersection or in front of a driveway. 

At all times, you must have insurance when operating a vehicle. Driving without insurance can lead to South Carolina traffic fines if you are pulled over by an officer who discovers that this is the case. Similarly, it is important to have your vehicle regularly inspected by the state to ensure it is in proper condition. Driving with outdated registration tags can lead to South Carolina traffic fines.


Tennessee Parking Laws

Tennessee Parking Laws


The state of Tennessee has a few particular Tennessee parking laws that define where one may park safely and avoid fines, having their car towed or otherwise impounded.  Note that city and county parking laws, as well as Tennessee parking law must always be observed and above all, you must be able to read signs and take directions from law enforcement, as these immediate orders take precedent over TN parking laws.

Where are the TN parking laws located?

You will find the Tennessee parking law explained in Tittle 55, Chapter 8, 161 of the Tennessee code.  The entire title refers to the operation of Motor and other vehicles in the state and you will be able to consult this code for more information on the direct text related to TN parking laws.

Places where one cannot park according to Tennessee parking law

TN parking laws state that parking in the following places is prohibited:

– In front of a driveway

– On the sidewalk (with limited exceptions for bicycles that do not impede pedestrian traffic)

– In an intersection

– On a cross walk

– An a bridge or elevated structure

– In a handicapped spot without the proper permit or license

There are also Tennessee parking law pertaining to certain distances that must be kept from hazards and important locations when parking:

– Within 20 feet of a crosswalk

– Within 30 feet of a flashing beacon, stop sign or other traffic control sign

– Within 50 feet of a railroad crossing

– Within 20 feet of a fire station driveway

– Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant 

TN parking laws and the highway

There are specific TN parking laws related to the highway and generally, this involves cars that are able to move rather than cars that are stuck or stalled.  In those situations, law enforcement would facilitate the removal of that vehicle.  

One may not park on the highway if it is possible to do so within an incorporated area, municipality or other area.  Parking on the highway is a last resort option and when safer parking is clearly available, the car will be moved, at the owner’s expense, under Tennessee parking law.

Buses and other transports under TN parking laws

Buses, transportation vehicles ad waste collators are generally exempted from these Tennessee parking laws as taking and discharging passengers, as well as collecting waste would require the frequent stopping on the highway in question.  For any vehicle to be allowed to make such pickups, the vehicle will need to have hazard lights, be visible from a distance of 200 feet and be clearly marker as well.  These provisions of the Tennessee parking laws protect against unnecessary hazards.

Penalties for violating Tennessee parking laws

The violation of Tennessee parking laws might range in penalties ranging from fines and impound of the vehicle to a Class C misdemeanor, depending on the nature and severity of the violation of Tennessee parking laws.  You may be issued a ticket under Tennessee parking laws and you will either appear in traffic court or simply pay the ticket for the offense.  Since the car is impounded, you will also have to pay an impound fee for this violation of Tennessee parking law.


Speeding Ticket Missouri

Speeding Ticket Missouri

Moving violations are a matter that can have one’s license suspended so every speeding ticket Missouri should be taken seriously.  Missouri uses a points-based system for the severity of traffic offenses, including speeding tickets Missouri.  Understanding this system and the corresponding points from a speeding ticket Missouri is critical to avoiding penalties and being stripped of your license.

Fines for speeding ticket MO

The fines handed out for a speeding ticket Missouri vary depending on how far over the posted speed limit the driver was as well as if the speeding occurred in a construction zone, which is an unsafe condition and a danger to the workers.  At each level of speeding ticket Missouri there are three different fines, the last two are both in work zones but the highest penalty for a work zone with workers present.

Over the speed limit (mph) Fine for speeding ticket MO (workers in the zone)

1 – 5    $73 ($323)

6 – 10 $83 ($333)

11- 15 $108 ($357)

16 – 19  $133 ($383)

20 – 25 $208 ($458)

Any speeding tickets Missouri over 25 mph will cause you to have a court appearance for sentencing.

What are the point penalties for speeding tickets Missouri?

Though 12 points from speeding tickets Missouri are all that is needed to suspend a license, you will receive a warning at 4 points and a suspension if 8 points are accumulated in 18 months.  The length of the suspension from the speeding ticket MO is determined by the number of offenses.  Points are gradually removed by a third, then half, then full, for every year of safe driving without further speeding tickets Missouri.

How else can I reduce the points given by a speeding ticket Missouri?

Points from speeding tickets Missouri will endanger your hold on your license as well as raise your insurance rates.  You can work with online providers and the DMV to take driver education classes that will teach about road hazards and other issues.  This will gradually remove some points on your record.

Being issued a speeding ticket MO

There is no point in being belligerent or arguing with law enforcement and this in fact will make your situation worse when being issued a speeding ticket MO.  You will accept the speeding ticket MO and make your appearance in traffic court, as necessary.  Hiring a speeding ticket Missouri attorney is necessary to contest a speeding ticket, even if it is your first offense.  You will need to make the best and most organized case possible to contest the speeding tickets Missouri.  There are a number of reasons to contest a speeding ticket MO, particularly if you are concerned that it will endanger your ability to keep your license.  The attorney for the speeding ticket Missouri will help you to plead for alternative punishment too, such as the online classes instead of costly points on the license.


Maine Parking Laws

Maine Parking Laws

Short Guide to Maine Parking Laws:

In the state of Maine, the Motor Vehicle Commission is not responsible for issuing parking tickets or collecting payments on them. All parking tickets in the state of Maine are processed through the Maine Municipal courts. Because of this system, Maine parking laws are established by individual towns. The specific types of violations and their attached fines will fluctuate based on jurisdiction. With that in mind, Maine parking laws institute and uphold all of the uniform parking laws of the broader nation. Listed below are some common examples of Maine parking laws:

• Maine parking law states that it is illegal to park on reserved bicycle lanes. 

• Maine parking law states that it is illegal to park within a certain amount of feet of any intersection; blocking visibility is illegal throughout the state

• Maine parking law states that it is illegal to park in a crosswalk or in front of a handicapped access ramp. 

• Maine parking laws regulate the distance for which a car must park near a card.

• Maine parking laws state that it is illegal to stop or park next to a parked vehicle (double parking); it is also illegal to block a driveway or park in the area between the roadway of a divided highway.

• Maine parking laws make it illegal to park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. 

• Maine parking laws make it illegal to park on sidewalks.

Again, the attached penalties and the intricacies associated with the above violations will fluctuate based on the town and/or jurisdiction you are in. 

What Do I Do I Get a Maine Parking Ticket?

To seek information concerning Maine parking laws, or more specifically your Maine parking ticket, please visit the following site.

The Maine Judicial Branch Violations Bureau is responsible for handling all traffic infractions throughout the entire state. If you wish to view—and pay—your Maine parking ticket (only credit cards are accepted) please visit the PayTixx system. 

You may contact the Maine Judicial branch Violations Bureau at the following locations: 

Violations Bureau

85 Park Street, P.O. Box 480

Lewiston, ME 04243-0480

PayTixx: Toll Free 1-866-PAY-TIXX (729-8499)

Violations Bureau Telephone: (207) 783-5422

Fax: (207) 783-5465 TTY: (207) 783-5435

Payment Window Hours: 9-3 PM (Mon-Fri)


Idaho Parking Laws

Idaho Parking Laws


Short Guide to Idaho Parking Laws:


In the state of Idaho, the Motor Vehicle Commission is not responsible for issuing parking tickets or collecting payments. All parking tickets in the state of Idaho are processed through the Idaho Municipal courts—individual districts are responsible for implementing and enforcing parking laws.

Because of the localized system, Idaho parking laws are established by individual towns. 


The specific types of violations and their attached fines fluctuate based on jurisdiction. With that in mind, Idaho parking laws uphold the uniform parking laws of the broader nation. Listed below are some common examples of Idaho parking laws:


• ID parking law states that it is illegal to park on reserved bicycle lanes. 


• ID parking law states that it is illegal to park within a certain amount of feet of any intersection; blocking visibility is illegal throughout the state


• ID parking law states that it is illegal to park in a crosswalk or in front of a handicapped access ramp. 


• ID parking laws regulate the distance for which a car must park near a card


• ID parking laws state that it is illegal to stop or park next to a parked vehicle (double parking); it is also illegal to block a driveway or park in the area between the roadway of a divided highway 


• ID parking laws make it illegal to park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant 


• ID parking laws make it illegal to park on sidewalks


Again, the attached penalties and the intricacies associated with the above violations will fluctuate based on the town and/or jurisdiction you are in. 


What Do I Do I Get an Idaho Parking Ticket?


If you break Idaho parking laws and receive a ticket for your infraction you must either pay the fine or—if your citation says so—appear in court. Typically a mandatory court appearance is reserved for repeat violators or those who severely break an Idaho parking law. At court, you may plead guilty and pay your ticket or plead not guilty and fight the charge in court. For most drivers, paying the fine is more appealing, especially considering the fact that Idaho has a convenient online payment system for parking and moving violations. 


How to Pay Your Parking Tickets Online:


To pay your parking tickets online search.dmv.org/dmv/idaho/pay-traffic-ticket-online.


On this page, to pay your ID parking ticket, simply click the box labeled “pay traffic ticket in Idaho.” When taken to the subsequent page you may enter either your license plate number or information found on the tangible parking ticket (court I.D. number, ticket prefix and ticket number). 


When this information is entered click “continue” and enter your personal information along with your payment method (the Idaho Courts accept most major credit cards and debit card transactions). Once your payment information is entered, click submit and record the receipt. At this time your Idaho parking ticket is paid. 

Pennsylvania Parking Laws

Pennsylvania Parking Laws


Guide to Pennsylvania Parking Laws

While parking tickets can seem like an unfortunate but necessary consequence of urban life, understanding PA parking laws can prevent an expensive ticket from hurting your wallet or even your credit score.  This guide will explain several Pennsylvania parking laws and the fines you can expect to pay for a violation.  You'll also learn how to pay your ticket online if you've been caught violating PA parking laws, and how to fight a parking ticket if you believe you have been issued one in error.

Who Pays?

According to Pennsylvania parking laws, the person who is the registered owner of a car will generally be assumed to be the responsible driver when a parking ticket is issued.  If a ticket is delinquent, this is the driver who will be mailed.  If you were not driving the car and were issued a ticket, you may be able to have the ticket put in someone else's name if you can prove they were driving at the time.  According to PA parking laws, you are not responsible for any parking tickets incurred by someone who did not have permission to use your vehicle or if your car was reported stolen.

Disabled Parking

While it may be tempting for some people to take the parking spaces closest to a store, parking in disabled spots without an appropriate placard is a serious parking violation that is subject to a fine of $50 to $200.  You can also be fined according to Pennsylvania parking laws for displaying a handicapped placard and using a handicapped space if the placard belongs to someone who is not in the car at the time.

Failure to Pay Parking Tickets

While parking tickets are often for relatively small amounts—some as little as $10—you should pay them as quickly as possible.  PA parking laws require that parking tickets contain information on the deadline for payment.  Neglecting your parking tickets could mean that your fines will increase or even that your ticket is taken to collections, which can negatively impact your credit score.  This can hurt your chances of obtaining a loan or even getting a job, so it is important to abide by Pennsylvania parking laws and pay your tickets before the deadline.

Paying Parking Tickets Online

If you've been given a ticket for violating PA parking laws, you may be able to pay for it online.  Pittsburgh's website for paying your ticket online, also for Philadelphia.  Several other jurisdictions also allow people to pay for their parking tickets online.  In some cases, a transaction fee may apply to your online ticket payment.

Fighting a Parking Ticket

If you believe you were given an improper parking ticket or that you did not violate Pennsylvania parking laws when you parked, you may be able to fight your ticket.  Usually, fighting a parking ticket will require hiring an attorney.  You may want to evaluate the relative costs of paying your ticket and hiring an attorney before you choose to fight a case involving violations of PA parking laws.


Speeding Ticket California

Speeding Ticket California


A Quick Guide to Speeding Tickets in California 

Speeding Tickets: California

If you have received a speeding ticket in California, you are required to pay the fine or appeal the action and appear in court.  If you do neither of the following, you may have a warrant put out for your arrest, and you will have your license suspended.  Penalties and speeding tickets in California can be somewhat strict compared to other states, and you can find information on penalties and laws within this article.  

Speeding Ticket in California

Speeding tickets in California can be issued according to multiple laws and limits.  These limits were put forth by Senate Bill 848 in 1996, and the bill has been amended several times to address conditions within statues.  The code referring to speed limits in CA lists the following guidelines: 

(a) “Except at provided in Section 22356, no person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than 65 miles per hour.  

(b) “…no person shall drive a vehicle upon a two-lane, undivided highway at a speed greater than 55 miles per hour unless that highway, or portion thereof, has been posted for a higher speed by the Department of Transportation or appropriate local agency…” 

There are exceptions to these rules, though.  The state of California has some highways that have posted speed limits at 70 miles per hour, and for listings segments of interstate with 70 mph postings, visit the following website under the California Department of Transportation.

Fines and Speeding Tickets in California

There are several kinds of speeding tickets in California.  The prices of a speeding ticket in California may range depending on what jurisdiction you receive the citation in, but several violation codes address speeding in Ca.  These codes for a speeding ticket in California are listed below: 

1. VC 22349 Unsafe Speed- this fine is $214 for 1 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit

2. VC 22350 Unsafe Speed- this fine is $328 for 16 to 25 miles per hour over the speed limit

You may receive larger speeding tickets in California or even harsher penalties if you are going over 25 miles per hour or have received warnings from the Negligent Operator Treatment System for recurrent violations.  For example, if you receive a traffic ticket in California and the violation was severe or significantly repeated within the periods listed below, you may lose your license in California until enough points clear: 

• 4 points in 12 months 

• 6 points in 24 months

• 8 points in 36 months

You can also lose your license for any other number of offenses.  Some of these offenses may include driving under the influence, trying to evade a police officer, failing to report to a court hearing, and more.  

You can view more information on a speeding ticket in California and certain types of offenses that may result in suspension of a license by visiting the following website under the CA Department of Motor Vehicles.


Kentucky Parking Laws

Kentucky Parking Laws


Guide to Kentucky Parking Laws

Parking tickets are issued to thousands of Kentucky residents every day.  If you want to avoid receiving parking tickets, understanding KY parking laws can help.  This guide will give you information on the basics of Kentucky parking laws, including common violations and penalties.  You will also learn about the consequences of failing to pay a parking ticket under KY parking laws.

Kentucky Parking Laws and Disabled Parking

KY parking laws began to mandate reserved parking spaces for disabled people with the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  In order to park in a disabled parking spot, drivers are required by Kentucky parking laws to prominently display a disabled license plate or placard.  You may be assessed a $50 to $200 fine for violating KY parking laws by parking in a disabled space without a permit.  Drivers who park in a handicapped space and display a permit fraudulently (for instance, if the permit belongs to a family member who is not in the vehicle) may also be fined according to Kentucky parking laws.

Kentucky Parking Laws and Tickets

There are many reasons that you may be given a ticket for violating KY parking laws.  All violations of Kentucky parking laws are considered non-moving violations, and therefore do not result in accumulating any points on a license.  The most common violations of KY parking laws involve parking too long in a space or at an expired parking meter.  Typically, people who violate these parking laws are simply given a ticket.  

Refusing to pay a parking ticket can result in additional fines and penalties, and if you accumulate enough violations of Kentucky parking laws without paying your tickets, you may have your car immobilized or towed.  Other violations of KY parking laws can also lead to towing: for instance, if you have parked in front of a fire hydrant or in a loading zone, you may find that your car has been towed and impounded.  It can be particularly expensive to get a car out of impound, so it is important not to violate these Kentucky parking laws if you hope to avoid expensive fines.

Failure to pay tickets can also cause the municipality where the ticket was issued to take your tickets to collections.  This can have a significant negative impact on your credit score, and you may find that your violation of parking laws not only costs you money—it could also impact your ability to buy a house or car, or even find a job, unless you pay promptly.

Fighting Kentucky Parking Tickets

According to KY parking laws, your parking ticket must include information about both how to pay the ticket and how to contest it.  If you hope to fight a ticket received for violating Kentucky parking laws, you have a relatively low chance of winning in most circumstances.  It may be wise to talk to an attorney with experience fighting for defendants facing Kentucky parking tickets before deciding to go to court.  In many cases, it may simply not be worth it to go to court, and paying your ticket may be a cheaper and easier alternative to fighting your ticket.