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Iowa Parking Laws

Iowa Parking Laws


Quick Guide to Iowa Parking Law 

Iowa Parking Laws

There are multiple Iowa parking laws that address different methods of parking in different locations.  Most Iowa parking laws are located in Chapter 321 of the Iowa state code, and some of these laws are discussed within this article.  

Local communities may adopt ordinances that extend on IA parking laws, and the fines for such offenses will vary as well—especially in metropolitan areas and educational institutions.  Under Iowa parking law, you have the right to appeal a ticket.  However, if you were parked in a location that strictly forbids parking, you basically have no chance for an appeal for violating the IA parking laws.  

Specific Iowa Parking Laws

There are many Iowa parking laws that directly address certain kinds of parking in IA.  For example, Iowa parking law under section 321.358 states that no person can stop, stand, or park a vehicle in any of the following areas: 

1. on a sidewalk, except for a bicycle

2. in front of a public or private driveway

3. within an intersection

4. within five feet of a fire hydrant

5. on a crosswalk

6. within ten feet of a stop sign, flashing beacon, or traffic signal

7. between a safety zone or 10 feet from either end of the safety zone

8. within 50 feet of a railroad crossing

9. with 25 feet of a fire station entrance or 75 feet if posted by the station and local IA parking laws

10. alongside or opposite of any street with excavation when stopping would obstruct traffic flow

11. on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge of the street or curb

12. upon any bridge or other elevated structure on a highway outside of city limits or within a highway tunnel

13. at any place signs and local IA parking laws prohibit parking

14. on a street when snow is specified to be removed

15. in front of a curb cut or ramp

Iowa parking law under 321.357, 321.354, and more specify when a police officer is allowed to remove a car in certain circumstances.  Iowa parking law 321.357 states any police officer is allowed to remove an unattended vehicle from a bridge, causeway, or tunnel if that car is otherwise parked legally but obstructing traffic.  

Iowa parking law under code 321.354 indicates when a police officer is allowed to remove an attended or unattended vehicle from a highway.  The car must usually be parked 20 feet away from moving traffic (if possible) and be visible for 200 feet in both directions according to IA parking laws.  

Paying Parking Tickets Online

Iowa parking laws allow a violator to pay a parking ticket online within most counties.  You’ll have to find your county court and see whether they allow online payments according to local IA parking laws.

If the court does allow online payments, Iowa parking laws also let people search whether their payment has been officially filed.  In order to check if your ticket has been filed, click on the link.

If you are going to contest the citation for violating the IA parking laws, don’t make an online payment.  Most payments online have no refunds once sent through.