West Virginia Vehicle Registration

West Virginia Vehicle Registration

West Virginia Vehicle Registration

Residents of the state of West Virginia must properly title and register their motor vehicles with the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles. Motor vehicles without any liens can be titled and registered either by mail or in person at a Division of Motor Vehicles Regional Offices or at a privately-owned license services. A car dealer can also take care of the necessary paperwork for a West Virginia Vehicle registration on your behalf.
West Virginia Vehicle Registration for New West Virginia Residents
New residents of West Virginia must title their vehicles and obtain a West Virginia vehicle registration within thirty days of establishing residency in the state. 
If you are a new resident of West Virginia and your vehicle has an out-of-state title in your name and there is no lien holder on the vehicle title, you must submit the following documents for your West Virginia Vehicle registration:
• Out-of-state title for a VA vehicle registration.

• Form DMV-1-TR, West Virginia title application for a VA registration.

• Form DMV-TM-1, Odometer disclosure statement

• Insurance information for the VA vehicle registration.
If you are a new resident of West Virginia and your vehicle title is held by a lien holder, you must provide the following documents for your West Virginia Vehicle Registration:
• Form DMV-1-TR Application for Certificate of Title for a VA vehicle registration.

• Form DMV-TM-1 Odometer disclosure statement for a VA registration.

• Insurance information, this can be on the title application.

• A copy of the vehicle title or an electronic lien printout of your out-of-state vehicle title. If these are not available you can use a letter from your lien holder for your VA registration.
West Virginia Vehicle Registration Fees
The fees for an initial VA vehicle registration include a standard registration fee of $30, $10 title fee, and a $5 lien fee if it is applicable. There is also normally a 5% sales tax for titling on the vehicles' value, but it does not apply to new residents of West Virginia who have a vehicle titled in another state. 
West Virginia Registration Renewal
WV vehicle registration renewal notices are sent by the Division of Motor Vehicles for your registration by mail approximately thirty days before the WV registration expires. The accompanying renewal form can be returned with the insurance information, personal property tax receipt, and appropriate fee by mail. Alternatively, WV registrations can also be completed through a Division of Motor Vehicles regional office. Furthermore, county sheriff offices can also renew passenger vehicles and motorcycle WV registrations.




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