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Maine Vehicle Registration

Maine Vehicle Registration

Maine Vehicle Registration: A Comprehensive Guide


The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) oversees the vehicle registration process for residents in Maine. Registering your vehicle is a legal requirement in the state, and failure to do so can lead to hefty fines and penalties.

Let’s take a detailed look at Maine’s vehicle registration process, requirements, and fees.

Requirements for Maine Vehicle Registration

To register your vehicle in Maine, you must provide the following documents:

– The vehicle’s title and bill of sale
– A valid Maine driver’s license or state ID card
– Evidence of liability insurance
– A completed application for motor vehicle registration

If the vehicle is new, the dealership will give you a Certificate of Origin instead of a Title. You’ll also need to provide proof of your temporary registration.

Maine Vehicle Registration Process

The Maine vehicle registration process is as follows:

– Obtain an insurance policy from a Maine-licensed insurance company.
– Visit your local BMV office and provide all necessary documents and pay the required fees.
– The BMV will issue your license plates and registration certificate.

You can choose to register your vehicle for one year or two years.

Maine Vehicle Registration Fees

The fees for registering your vehicle in Maine are based on the following:

– The vehicle’s weight
– The length of registration
– Whether you want standard or special license plates

Below are the standard registration fees in Maine:

– Cars weighing less than 4,000 pounds: $35 annually for one year; $70 for two years
– Cars weighing between 4,001 and 6,000 pounds: $55 annually for one year; $110 for two years
– Cars weighing between 6,001 and 10,000 pounds: $75 annually for one year; $150 for two years
– Trucks and vans above 10,000 pounds: $100 annually for one year; $200 for two years
– Trailers: $12 annually for one year; $24 for two years

Maine Specialty License Plates

Maine offers several specialty license plates that require an additional fee, including:

– Animal Welfare
– Breast Cancer Support
– Lobster Conservation
– Marine Mammals
– National Parks and Forests
– Support Our Troops
– Purple Heart

The fees for specialty plates vary depending on the organization or cause.


Registering your vehicle in Maine is a simple and straightforward process, provided you have all the necessary documents. Ensuring that your registration is up-to-date is essential to avoid fines and penalties. Keep in mind that fees vary depending on the vehicle’s weight, length of registration, and whether you opt for specialty plates. Contact your local BMV office for more information on Maine vehicle registration.

The state of Maine requires all motor vehicle owners to register their motor vehicle with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles before driving it on the road in accordance to the Maine vehicle registration laws.

Initial Maine Vehicle Registration

If you need tom complete the ME vehicle registration for the first time for a motor vehicle, if you have purchased your motor vehicle from a private party, you will first need to pay the correct amount of excise tax. You will then have to submit the following documents for your ME registration:

• Submit the title of the vehicle if it is up to 15 years old.

• A signed Bill of Sale.

• The yellow and white copy of the ME registration application with the excise tax receipt, which you can get from your local town office.

• The 5 percent Maine sales tax that you paid for the vehicle.

• A motor vehicle title for and the ME registration form.

If your vehicle is registered in Cumberland County, you will need to have an emissions test done on your vehicle for your ME vehicle registration. Vehicle inspections have to be performed at an authorized inspection station or by an authorized inspector who has been licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection of Maine. Once your motor vehicle passes inspection, you will get an inspection certification.

You must then go to your local municipal office and bring along the completed title and ME registration form, along with the inspection certification. You will have to also provide proof of insurance, as well as the odometer reading of the vehicle if it is less than 10 years old. If you reside in a municipality that does not participate in the ME registration program, you will have to take your documents to the nearest Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch office.

For motor vehicles that have been registered, but in another state, you will also bring along the original, out-of-state title for the motor vehicle. If this is unavailable, you can bring the ME registration document, along with your proof of sales tax payment.

For a motor vehicle purchased from a dealer, you will still need to pay the necessary excise tax. You will also have to submit the following documents:

The green dealer’s certificate which proves that sales tax was paid.

• The blue title application for motor vehicle that are up to 16 years old.

• The yellow and white copy of your ME registration application and your excise tax receipt

Cumberland County vehicle owners will still need to get an emissions test from an inspection station or by an authorized inspector in order to be issued an inspection certification.

Maine Vehicle Registration Fees

When you complete your ME registration for your vehicle, you will have to pay a registration fee and a title application fee. While the latter is always $33, the ME vehicle registration fee varies depending on the weight of your vehicle and the manufacturer’s model year

Renewing your Maine Vehicle Registration

Owners of vehicles in Maine must renew their ME registrations every year, and can do so either by in person or online. You can either use the Bureau of Motor Vehicles online service to renew or you can go to your local BMV office.