South Dakota Vehicle Registration

South Dakota Vehicle Registration

South Dakota Vehicle Registration

All vehicles in the state of South Dakota must be properly titled and have SD vehicle registrations in order to operate legally on South Dakota roadways. Any nonresident who is moving into the state of South Dakota has 90 days to apply for SD registration and title a vehicle. A title is the legal document that declares the ownership of the motor vehicle.  Whenever a motor vehicle is sold, the title has to be transferred to the buyer of the vehicle. This is required for a South Dakota Vehicle Registration.
South Dakota Vehicle Registration for Cars, Vans, and Trucks
In order to complete the South Dakota vehicle registration process for cars, trucks, and vans, you must first fill out an Application for Motor Vehicle Registration/Title.  This application for SD vehicle registration must be signed by the owner(s) of the vehicle or by an authorized agent of the owner(s). If the SD vehicle registration application is signed by an authorized agent, this will require a power of attorney document attached to verify the appointment of an authorized agent.
If the motor vehicle was purchased outside of South Dakota, the South Dakota Vehicle registration must also include a bill of sale and a sales contract or purchase order. If the dealer price certification is not complete on form MV-608, the application for title, and the applicant bought the motor vehicle from a South Dakota dealer, the SD registration must also have a purchase order attached.
South Dakota Vehicle Registration for Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Motorbikes
In order to complete a South Dakota vehicle registration for a motorcycle, moped, or a motorbike, you need to fill out an Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration for the county of your residence.  The SD registration application must be signed by the owner(s) or by the authorized agent for the owner(s).  If the SD registration application is signed by the authorized agent, it will require an attached a power of attorney document to verify the appointment. This registration also requires a purchase order, bill of sale, or a sales contract if the Dealer Price Certification is not filled out on the SD vehicle application. You must also attach the manufacturer's statement of origin or the properly transferred title to the applicant.
South Dakota Vehicle Registration Fees
There are many applicable fees for a South Dakota vehicle registration. The standard fees that apply to a SD registration include the following:
• Title Fee of $5.00

• Lien Fee of $5.00

• Solid Waste Fee of $1.00

• Mailing Fee of $5.00

• Late Title Application Penalty Fee of $1.00 per week after your thirty (30) day grace period. The maximum late fine is $50.
The SD vehicle registration fees are the following:
• Non-commercial vehicle fees: Based on vehicle weight and vehicle age, ranges from $1.75 to $138.75

• Motorcycle vehicle fees: Based on engine size and age, ranges from $.70 to $21.75




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