North Carolina Parking Laws

North Carolina Parking Laws

North Carolina Parking Laws
Quick Guide to North Carolina Parking Laws
NC Parking Laws
There are multiple North Carolina parking laws that address different methods of parking in different locations.  Most NC Parking Laws are located in Chapter 20 Motor Vehicles of the NC Statutes, and some of these laws are discussed within this article.  
Local communities may adopt ordinances that extend on state law, and the fines for such offenses will vary as well—especially in metropolitan areas and educational institutions.  Under North Carolina parking laws, you have the right to appeal a ticket, but if were parked in a location that strictly forbids parking, you basically have no chance for an appeal.  
Specific North Carolina Parking Laws
There are several laws the directly address certain types of parking.  Specific laws will be discussed below, but any driver should be aware of general, yet commonly violated NC Parking Laws: 
parking on sidewalk
within 25 feet of an intersection 
within 15 of a fire hydrant 
crossing the center line to park
parking over marked lines in designated areas
parking in loading zones
parking outside of your designated meter limit
parking without a residential permit
within 5 five feet of a driveway 
parking outside or marked spaces
Chapter 20-161
This statute of Carolina-parking laws addresses leaving a vehicle unattended on a highway.  Some specific cases discussed within these North Carolina parking laws fall below: 
no person can park or leave a car standing on the shoulder of a highway with a speed limit of 45 mph or greater or on a bridge with a posted limit below 45 mph except in an temporary emergency situation 
the vehicle cannot be temporarily left on the section of highway unless the car can be seen for at least 200 feet in each direction
the operator of  a truck must use proper warning devices and signals under all NC Parking Laws
the person leaving their vehicle on the side of the highway must notify proper law enforcement to make sure the vehicle is eventually safely removed
if the vehicle is left on the highway or rest area for more than 24 hours, the vehicle may be removed unless local law enforcement has been notified of a removal time in the near future
if the stopped vehicle has been involved in a serious accident, the vehicle shall not be removed to supply investigative evidence
There are many other North Carolina parking laws under Chapter 20, and you can visit the following link to research.
Paying Parking Tickets Online
If you have violated one or several NC Parking Laws, you have the ability to pay your ticket online with several different resources.  One option after violating North Carolina parking laws is to visit official website under the NC Court System and click the linked called “payNCticket.” 
The other option includes calling your town’s Parking Services Division.  For example, a person in Chapel Hill who has received a parking ticket can call (919) 932-2912 to pay their ticket.  




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