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West Virginia Parking Laws

West Virginia Parking Laws


Quick Guide to WV Parking Laws 

West Virginia Parking Laws

The majority of West Virginia parking law is located within §17C-13 of the state’s revised code.  There are other laws that regard WV parking laws in local jurisdictions, and the fines within these jurisdictions will vary—especially in metropolitan areas and educational institutions.  West Virginia parking laws indicate that a person who has received a ticket is allowed to appeal the fine, but these appeals are often very difficult to prove.  

This article will discuss general West Virginia parking law and information regarding paying your ticket.  For more information, regard the complete list of WV parking laws by searching within the state’s revised statutes. 

Specific West Virginia Parking Laws

§17C-13-3 of West Virginia parking law provides general laws for prohibited parking in the entire state.  Local jurisdictions may modify these WV parking laws to provide for more safety, but the general prohibitions under this section are listed below: 

• on a sidewalk

• in front of a public or private driveway

• within an intersection

• within 15 feet of a fire hydrant unless a local West Virginia parking law states otherwise

• in a fire lane

• on a crosswalk

• within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection

• within 30 feet of a flashing beacon or traffic control device such as a stop sign

• between a safety zone or 30 feet of the ends of the safety zone unless local West Virginia parking laws state otherwise

• with 50 feet of a railroad crossing

• within 25 feet of a fire station’s driveway or 75 feet if posted by local West Virginia parking laws

• alongside or opposite any excavation if parking would obstruct parking

• on a bridge, elevated highway, or in a tunnel

• at any place where local WV parking laws prohibit parking

• within 25 feet of a mail receptacle for daily deliveries

• on a controlled-access highway

• at any place where a curb is marked with blue paint


This section of West Virginia parking law states that no person can stop or park a vehicle on a highway outside of a business or residence district if it is practicable to stop or park off the highway.  If local WV parking laws allow vehicle to stop or park on the edge of the highway, the vehicle cannot obstruct the flow of traffic. 

This West Virginia parking law also states the vehicle must be visible for at least 200 feet in both directions.  Additionally, if a person breaks this West Virginia parking law, they are guilty of a misdemeanor and may receive a fine of $200 to $500 depending on the number of violations of the same West Virginia parking laws within a given year.  

No parts of this specific West Virginia parking law apply to individuals who are forced to stop and temporarily leave their vehicle due to an emergency.  

West Virginia Parking Laws on Paying Tickets

West Virginia parking laws allow a person to pay their ticket online if the local municipal court allows electronic payments.  WV parking laws do not require a municipal court to allow such payments, so you will have to search for your local court or contact them to find out if you can make an electronic payment. 

For a listing of courts, visit the following link.

For more information on WV parking laws, visit the revised code under the state’s legislature.