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New York Driving Test Questions

New York Driving Test Questions

What does a yellow traffic light indicate?

A yellow traffic light warns motorists that the light will soon be green. Motorists who can do so safely must stop. If it is not possible to slow down safely, motorists should drive cautiously through the intersection rather than speeding up.

What color and shape is a yield sign?

Yield signs indicating motorists must slow down or stop to give the right-of-way to traffic or pedestrians are red and white and in the shape of an upside-down triangle.

What color and shape is a railroad crossing warning sign?

Circular yellow signs with “RR” and “X” written in black lettering warn motorists they are approaching a railroad crossing.

If a traffic signal is malfunctioning, what should motorists do?

If a traffic light’s bulbs are out or are otherwise malfunctioning, motorists should treat it as a four-way stop sign.

What does a red, steady light in the shape of an “X” over a lane mean?

These types of lights mean motorists are prohibited from driving in that lane.

How far away must vehicles stop from a railroad crossing?

If the gates next to the railway are down or there are flashing lights, vehicles must stop no closer than 15 feet away from the railway.

What does a diamond sign painted on a road indicate?

Diamond signs mean the lane in question is reserved for bicycles, carpool vehicles and other non-standard vehicles. 

How much visibility must drivers have to make a u-turn?

Drivers may not make a u-turn if their vehicle is not visible from 500 feet away in every direction.

How close must oncoming traffic be to forbid drivers from passing another vehicle?

If you cannot return to the right lane when a vehicle coming from the other direction is 200 feet away or closer, passing is prohibit.

When is it acceptable to pass a vehicle on the right rather than on the left?

It is only acceptable to pass a vehicle on the right side if the other driver is about to make a left turn or if both drivers are on a one-way road two or more lanes wider and no signs prohibit passing on the right.

How close can a vehicle get to a stopped school bus?

If a school bus is stopped and has its flashing red lights on, this means children may be entering or exiting. Drivers must stop at least 20 feet away from the school bus regardless of their direction.

How close can a parked vehicle be to a fire hydrant?

 vehicle cannot be legally parallel parked 15 feet or closer to a fire hydrant.

How close can a parked vehicle be to a crosswalk?

A vehicle cannot be legally parked 20 feet or closer to a crosswalk.

Is it legal to park in front of a driveway?


If drivers are involved in an accident, must the police be informed?

If there has been any injury, the police must be called.