Louisiana Driving Test Questions

Louisiana Driving Test Questions

Louisiana Driving Test Questions

What does a red light mean?

A red light at an intersection means drivers must stop until the light turns green.

Is it legal to turn right on a red light?

Drivers may turn right on a red light if there are no pedestrians or other vehicles in their way.

What does a yellow light mean?

Yellow lights mean a traffic signal is about to turn red. Drivers must slow down and stop unless they are already in the intersection.

What does a green light mean?

A green light means drivers must proceed. However, if there is a pedestrian or another vehicle in the way, drivers must yield the right of way.

What does a flashing red light mean?

Flashing red lights warn of dangerous intersections. Drivers must stop and make sure it is safe to go forward before going through the intersection.

What does a single broken yellow line mean?

A single broken yellow line divides roads where there are only two lanes. Drivers may pass another vehicle if there are no cars coming from the other direction.

Is it legal to cross double solid yellow lines?

Drivers can only cross double solid yellow lines to make a turn. It is not legal to cross the double solid yellow lines to pass another vehicle.

What does a single solid yellow line mean?

A single solid yellow line is used on two-lane road. It is illegal to cross this yellow line except to make a turn.

What does a solid white line mean?

A solid white line indicates that it is dangerous to change from one lane to another. The wider the line, the more dangerous such a maneuver can be.

Do all passengers have to wear a seat belt?

No. All passengers sitting in the front seat of a vehicle must wear a seat belt. Passengers who sit in the back seat are not required to wear a safety belt.

Is it legal to use a cell phone while driving?

It is legal to use a cell phone while driving in Louisiana but strongly discouraged because of the safety risks associated with the loss of attention.

How much distance should a car give a motorcyclist passing in front?

Drivers should allow at least four seconds of distance between themselves and a motorcyclist.

How much space must there be to pass a vehicle on the left?

Drivers can only legally pass another vehicle on the left side if they can see at least 100 feet and are sure no vehicles are within that space.

How far away must drivers stop from school buses when children are getting on or off?

Drivers must stop at least 30 feet away from any school bus when children are getting on or off.

Who must yield the right of way if two drivers approach an intersection at the same time?

Drivers on the left must yield the right of way in these situations.

How close can drivers park to a fire hydrant?

Drivers can park no closer than 15 feet to a fire hydrant.





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