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Iowa Driving Test Questions

Iowa Driving Test Questions

What does a red traffic sign mean?

You must stop, yield or otherwise obey the instructions that are posted.

What does a yellow traffic sign mean?

Yellow traffic signs provide warnings about road conditions.

What does a green traffic sign mean?

Green traffic signs provide information about the distance to a city or other destination.

What does a fluorescent green-yellow traffic sign mean?

Fluorescent green-yellow traffic signs provide cautionary information.

What do orange traffic signs mean?

Orange traffic signs provide information about road work.

What do white traffic signs mean?

White traffic signs provide information about laws and regulations in the area you’re driving in.

How are school crossing zones indicated?

Green or yellow pentagon-shaped signs indicate that you are approaching a school crossing zone.

Is it possible to drive too slowly?

If you are on a high-traffic route, there may be a posted minimum speed limit. If you are not comfortable driving that fast, you should find another route.

What does a red light mean?

If you are at an intersection and there is a red light, you must come to a complete stop at the indicated line or before entering the intersection, whichever applies.

What does a yellow light mean?

You must stop at an intersection if there is a yellow light unless you cannot slow down and stop safely.

What does a green light go?

You can drive forwards if there is a green light, but only if there are no people or vehicle in the intersection. You must always yield to anyone in an intersection.

Can you pass a vehicle at a railroad crossing?

No. You cannot pass a vehicle within 100 feet of a railroad crossing.

Can you drive in the shared center lane?

Yes. The shared center lane is for vehicles making a turn, but if there are no vehicles coming in the other direction you can also drive through it.

What lane should you drive in?

Always drive in the right lane unless you are passing another vehicle.

Can you turn right on a red light?

You can turn right on a red light as long as there is no notice that you cannot do so at that intersection.

Who has to yield at an intersection with no stoplight?

Whoever arrives first at a four-way intersection gets to proceed first after making a complete sto.

How far away do you have to stop from a school bus?

You must stop no closer than 15 feet away from any school bus.

How close can you park to a stop sign?

You can park no closer than 10 feet to a stop sign.

How close can you park to a fire station?

You can park no closer than 20 feet to a fire station entrance.

How close can you park to a hotel or theater?

You can park no closer than 50 feet to the entrance of a hotel or theater.

Is texting while driving legal?

You cannot text and drive unless there is an emergency situation.