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New Hampshire Driving Test Questions

New Hampshire Driving Test Questions

Are adults legally required to wear a safety belt?

No. While all passengers younger than 18 years old are required to wear safety belts, no one over that age is legally required to do so.

How loud must the driver’s horn be?

To be in compliance with the law, driver’s horns must be audible from at least 200 feet away.

What does an x-shaped sign indicate?

X-shaped signs mark railroad crossings.

How close to a railroad crossing must a car stop if the gates are down?

Drivers must stop no further than 50 feet away from a railroad crossing and no closer than 15 feet if the gates are down or a train is crossing.

How far away from a school bus must a vehicle stop?

If a school bus has stopped and its flashing red lights are on, this means children are entering or exiting. Drivers must stop no closer than 25 feet away until the flashing red lights are turned off.

How many people may legally sit in the front seat of a vehicle?

No more than three people are allowed to be in the front seat of a vehicle in motion.

When is it legal to make a right turn on a red light?

Drivers may turn right on a red light if there is no oncoming traffic or any pedestrians. However, if there is a sign giving pedestrians the right to walk through the crosswalk, it is illegal to turn even if there are no people actually crossing.

What does a flashing yellow light mean?

Flashing yellow lights warns motorists to slow down and make sure it is safe to proceed through an intersection before driving forward. It does not require motorists to come to a complete stop.

Do funeral processions have the right of way?

Drivers must always yield the right of way to funeral processions, as long as the funeral procession is properly marked by having all the vehicles in it drive with their headlights on.

How many feet in advance should drivers signal their intent to make a turn on a highway?

Drivers should signal any turns they are going to make at least 500 feet in advance on a highway.

How close can a vehicle be parked to a fire truck responding to an emergency?

Drivers may not park on any block where a fire truck is responding to an emergency.

How close to a bridge can another vehicle is passed?

Drivers cannot pass another vehicle within 100 feet of a bridge.

What is the maximum speed limit for vehicles towing a house trailer?

Vehicles towing a house trailer may drive no faster than 45 miles per hour.

How close can a vehicle be parked to a fire station?

Drivers may park no closer than within 20 feet of the entrance of a fire station on the same side of the street and no closer than 75 feet away on the opposite side of the street.