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California Parking Laws

California Parking Laws


A Quick Guide to California Parking Laws

California Parking Laws

California parking laws carry some of the largest fines in the United States, and although fines may vary from district to district, a driver can face up to a $1,000 fine for parking in areas like a bus loading area or disabled persons space in some cases.  If you have been cited a traffic violation, you have the right to contest the ticket, but these fines are not normally erased except in emergency situations.  

California parking law is complex, but in order to carry a license, you have a citizens’ duty to know these rules.  In order to find a complete listing of all California parking laws, you can view the following California codes on this website: Vehicle Code Section 22500-22526. These California Parking laws are taken from the state legislature.  

Parking Fine Amounts in California

As mentioned above, California parking law does not specify a set amount for fines, but instead, local traffic codes set the amounts.  For perspective on California’s strict and heavy fines, amounts for San Francisco are listed below: 

• Div I 7.2.22 Street Cleaning: $55.00

• Div I 7.2.23(a) Parking Meter Downtown: $65.00

• Div I 7.2.23(b) Parking Meter Outside Downtown: $55.00

• Div I 7.2.25 Red Zone: $90.00

• Div 7.2.26 Yellow Zone: $75.00

• Div 7.2.27 White Zone: $90.00

• Div 7.2.28 Green Zone: $65.00

• Div 7.2.29 Parking for Three Days: $90.00

• Div 7.2.30(a) Overtime Parking Downtown: $65.00

• Div 7.2.30(b) Overtime Parking Outside Downtown: $55.00

• Div 7.2.32 Angled Parking: $50.00

• Div 7.2.33 Blocking Residential Door: $38.00

• Div 7.2.34 Median Dividers and Islands: $65.00

• Div 7.2.37 Motorcycle Parking: $90.00

• Div 7.2.39 Parking Transit-Only: $105.00

• Div 7.2.40 Tow-Away Zone Downtown(DT): $85.00

• Div 7.2.41 Tow Away Zone Outside DT: $75.00

• Div 7.2.45 Temp Parking Restriction: $55.00

• Div 7.2.46 Temporary Construction Zone: $55.00

• Div 7.2.60 Parking Facility Charges: $50.00

• Div 7.2.61 Entrance/Exit Parking Facility: $100.00

• Div 7.2.62 Block Space Parking Facility: $50.00

• Div 7.2.63 Speeding within Parking Facility: $100.00

• Div 7.2.64 Block Charging Bay: $105.00

Depending on your location, California parking laws and fines may vary from location to location, but again, there is no California parking law that determines specific amounts for fines for the entire state.  

Paying your Ticket Online

California parking law allows you to pay your tickets online, and there are several methods you can use to ensure your payment is properly submitted.  However, one of these resources is the most reliable.

The most credible resource on the internet and in accordance to California parking laws is the following website: https://www.ca.gov/Driving/LawsSafety/TrafficFines.html 

The website allows you to select the county in which you receive the ticket and directs you to a website the county uses to collect fines electronically.  

As mentioned above, California parking law allows you to contest any fine.  You should not submit a payment electronically before you decide to contest the ticket in traffic court, as this form of payment is normally nonrefundable.