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Tennessee Parking Laws

Tennessee Parking Laws


The state of Tennessee has a few particular Tennessee parking laws that define where one may park safely and avoid fines, having their car towed or otherwise impounded.  Note that city and county parking laws, as well as Tennessee parking law must always be observed and above all, you must be able to read signs and take directions from law enforcement, as these immediate orders take precedent over TN parking laws.

Where are the TN parking laws located?

You will find the Tennessee parking law explained in Tittle 55, Chapter 8, 161 of the Tennessee code.  The entire title refers to the operation of Motor and other vehicles in the state and you will be able to consult this code for more information on the direct text related to TN parking laws.

Places where one cannot park according to Tennessee parking law

TN parking laws state that parking in the following places is prohibited:

– In front of a driveway

– On the sidewalk (with limited exceptions for bicycles that do not impede pedestrian traffic)

– In an intersection

– On a cross walk

– An a bridge or elevated structure

– In a handicapped spot without the proper permit or license

There are also Tennessee parking law pertaining to certain distances that must be kept from hazards and important locations when parking:

– Within 20 feet of a crosswalk

– Within 30 feet of a flashing beacon, stop sign or other traffic control sign

– Within 50 feet of a railroad crossing

– Within 20 feet of a fire station driveway

– Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant 

TN parking laws and the highway

There are specific TN parking laws related to the highway and generally, this involves cars that are able to move rather than cars that are stuck or stalled.  In those situations, law enforcement would facilitate the removal of that vehicle.  

One may not park on the highway if it is possible to do so within an incorporated area, municipality or other area.  Parking on the highway is a last resort option and when safer parking is clearly available, the car will be moved, at the owner’s expense, under Tennessee parking law.

Buses and other transports under TN parking laws

Buses, transportation vehicles ad waste collators are generally exempted from these Tennessee parking laws as taking and discharging passengers, as well as collecting waste would require the frequent stopping on the highway in question.  For any vehicle to be allowed to make such pickups, the vehicle will need to have hazard lights, be visible from a distance of 200 feet and be clearly marker as well.  These provisions of the Tennessee parking laws protect against unnecessary hazards.

Penalties for violating Tennessee parking laws

The violation of Tennessee parking laws might range in penalties ranging from fines and impound of the vehicle to a Class C misdemeanor, depending on the nature and severity of the violation of Tennessee parking laws.  You may be issued a ticket under Tennessee parking laws and you will either appear in traffic court or simply pay the ticket for the offense.  Since the car is impounded, you will also have to pay an impound fee for this violation of Tennessee parking law.