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Nebraska Driving Test Questions

Nebraska Driving Test Questions

Should drivers speed up to beat a yellow light?

No. A yellow traffic signal informs drivers that the light is about to turn to red. If a driver can safely stop before reaching the intersection, they should do so. If it is impossible to safely stop, drivers should proceed cautiously through the intersection rather than speeding up.

Are left turns on a red light legal?

Drivers may make a left turn on a red light from one one-way street to another unless signs prohibit them from doing so.

What does a pink-colored sign indicate?

Pink signs warn drivers of incidents in the area that may affect traffic.

What shape are warning signs?

Warning signs are diamond shaped.

Is it legal to drive around gates at railroad crossings?

No. If the gates are down, this means a train is approaching or crossing. Even if the driver cannot see any trains, it is illegal to drive around these gates.

What color are signs indicating drivers are passing a work zone?

These signs have black lettering or signs on an orange background.

What do broken yellow lines on the road mean?

Broken yellow lines indicate it is legal for drivers to pass other vehicles from the left side as long as there is no traffic coming from the other direction.

What do broken white lines on the road mean?

Broken white lanes separate lanes on roads in which traffic is all going in the same direction. It is legal to cross these lines to move from one lane to another.

If two vehicles approach an intersection at the same time, who has the right of way?

The vehicle on the left must yield the right of way to the driver on the right.

If a driver spots an emergency vehicle on the road, can they drive right past it?

No. Drivers who see an emergency vehicle must continue traveling with at least one lane of distance between the side of their car and any emergency vehicle. If there are not enough lanes to allow for this, drivers must slow their speed while passing the emergency vehicle.

How close behind a fire truck may drivers follow?

If a fire vehicle is on its way to an emergency, drivers may come no closer to the rear of the fire truck than 500 feet.

What is the maximum speed limit on rural interstate Nebraska highways?

Vehicles may be driven no faster than 75 miles per hour on rural interstate Nebraska highways.

What is the maximum speed limit in Nebraska school zones?

There is no standard speed limit in Nebraska school zones. Drivers must look for a sign indicating the speed limit in the area.

How close to an intersection can drivers pass another vehicle?

Drivers cannot pass another vehicle if they are 100 feet or closer to an intersection.

How far in advance should drivers signal their intent to make a turn?

Drivers should signal an upcoming turn at least 100 feet in advance.