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Nevada Parking Laws

Nevada Parking Laws

Quick Guide to NV Parking Laws

Nevada Parking Laws

The majority of Nevada parking law is located within NRS 484B.440-533 of the state’s revised statutes.  There are other laws that regard NV parking laws in local jurisdictions, and the fines within these jurisdictions will vary—especially in metropolitan areas and education institutions.  Nevada parking laws indicate that a person who has received a ticket is allowed to appeal the fine, but these appeals are often very difficult to prove.  

This article will discuss general Nevada parking law and information regarding paying your ticket.  For more information, regard the complete list of NV parking laws by searching within the state’s revised statutes.  

Specific Nevada Parking Laws

NRS 484B.450 of Nevada parking law provides general laws for prohibited parking in the entire state.  Local jurisdictions may modify these state laws to provide for more safety, but the general prohibitions under this section are listed below: 

• on a sidewalk

• in front of a public or private driveway

• within an intersection 

• within 15 of a fire hydrant where parallel parking is allowed, or 20 feet if angled parking is permitted and the local NV parking laws require the larger distance

• on a crosswalk

• within 20 feet of a crosswalk 

• within 30 feet of a traffic-control signal located at the side of a highway

• between a safety zone or 30 feet from the end of the safety zone

• within 50 feet of the nearest rail of a railroad unless stated otherwise by local Nevada parking law

• within 20 feet of a fire station driveway entrance or 75 feet if posted by local NV parking laws from the station

• alongside or opposite high excavation if parking would obstruct traffic (also reference Nevada parking laws under NRS 484B.500 on congested places)

• on the highway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of street

• upon a bridge, elevated highway, or in a tunnel

• within 5 feet of a public or private driveway unless otherwise provided by local NV parking laws

• at any place where a Nevada parking law and sign prohibit parking

• these Nevada parking laws do not apply to the U.S. postal service

NV Parking Laws Prohibiting Parking in Front of Certain Buildings

NRS 484B.453 of the Nevada parking laws states that a vehicle cannot park in front of a theater entrance, a hotel entrance or exit, or in front of any building where traffic-control devices prohibit parking.  

A large number of Nevada parking laws addresses other kinds of parking.  For example, Nevada parking law under NRS 484B.467 covers handicapped parking.  Additionally, Nevada parking law under NRS 484B.477 prohibits parking in alleys, and there are numerous other Nevada parking laws to regard in the revised statutes.  

Nevada Parking Laws on Paying Tickets

Only certain counties will let a person pay a ticket online after violating a Nevada parking law.  For example, Clark County lets you search for open citations and then pay them online.  You can pay your ticket for violation of NV parking laws by searching on the following website for your citation: 

You can also search for local courts to see if you can pay your ticket online with the following link