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Kentucky Parking Laws

Kentucky Parking Laws


Guide to Kentucky Parking Laws

Parking tickets are issued to thousands of Kentucky residents every day.  If you want to avoid receiving parking tickets, understanding KY parking laws can help.  This guide will give you information on the basics of Kentucky parking laws, including common violations and penalties.  You will also learn about the consequences of failing to pay a parking ticket under KY parking laws.

Kentucky Parking Laws and Disabled Parking

KY parking laws began to mandate reserved parking spaces for disabled people with the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  In order to park in a disabled parking spot, drivers are required by Kentucky parking laws to prominently display a disabled license plate or placard.  You may be assessed a $50 to $200 fine for violating KY parking laws by parking in a disabled space without a permit.  Drivers who park in a handicapped space and display a permit fraudulently (for instance, if the permit belongs to a family member who is not in the vehicle) may also be fined according to Kentucky parking laws.

Kentucky Parking Laws and Tickets

There are many reasons that you may be given a ticket for violating KY parking laws.  All violations of Kentucky parking laws are considered non-moving violations, and therefore do not result in accumulating any points on a license.  The most common violations of KY parking laws involve parking too long in a space or at an expired parking meter.  Typically, people who violate these parking laws are simply given a ticket.  

Refusing to pay a parking ticket can result in additional fines and penalties, and if you accumulate enough violations of Kentucky parking laws without paying your tickets, you may have your car immobilized or towed.  Other violations of KY parking laws can also lead to towing: for instance, if you have parked in front of a fire hydrant or in a loading zone, you may find that your car has been towed and impounded.  It can be particularly expensive to get a car out of impound, so it is important not to violate these Kentucky parking laws if you hope to avoid expensive fines.

Failure to pay tickets can also cause the municipality where the ticket was issued to take your tickets to collections.  This can have a significant negative impact on your credit score, and you may find that your violation of parking laws not only costs you money—it could also impact your ability to buy a house or car, or even find a job, unless you pay promptly.

Fighting Kentucky Parking Tickets

According to KY parking laws, your parking ticket must include information about both how to pay the ticket and how to contest it.  If you hope to fight a ticket received for violating Kentucky parking laws, you have a relatively low chance of winning in most circumstances.  It may be wise to talk to an attorney with experience fighting for defendants facing Kentucky parking tickets before deciding to go to court.  In many cases, it may simply not be worth it to go to court, and paying your ticket may be a cheaper and easier alternative to fighting your ticket.