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Iowa Permit Practice Test

Iowa Permit Practice Test

The Iowa Department of Transportation will administer the permit practice test and license drivers in the state of Iowa.  The practice permit in Iowa is the instruction permit and those that are under 18 can obtain this permit by providing a birth certificate, proof of residency, proof of identity and proof of Social Security.  Parental consent will also be required.  Once obtained, the Iowa instruction permit lasts four years and costs $6.

When applying for an instruction permit you will need to present either a birth certificate or official picture ID.  The applicant must be older than the age of 14.  You will also need a secondary ID to verify the first form of ID you use.  You will also need to display proof of a social security number and legal status in the United States.  The instruction permit may become a full license at the age of 17, provided the applicant passes the road test.

The Iowa Driver’s Manual is the best resource for passing the practice permit test in Iowa and can be downloaded in full or by chapter from the IDOT website.  In addition to a vision test, there will be a knowledge test on Iowa law on traffic signs and highway.  The larger locations to obtain a permit in Iowa will allow you to take the practice permit test for Iowa electronically.

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