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Speeding Ticket Tennessee

Speeding Ticket Tennessee


The state of Tennessee uses a points system for moving violations and there are separate standards for private and commercial vehicles.  When you are handed a speeding ticket in TN, your points total might rise substantially, which will bring you close to losing your license. The rise in points corresponds to the severity of the speeding and subsequent danger or injury caused by the driver prior to the arrest.  Though righting tickets might not be a priority for you, one should consider the ramifications of having a speeding ticket on their record, particularly with previous traffic violations on their record.

Contesting a speeding ticket in TN

You might want to consider challenging a speeding ticket Tennessee if you have a number of points already on your record.  Since some instances of speeding can net you up to eight points on your records, you might need to consider hiring legal representation to help you defend against the ticket.  Note that once you accumulate 12 points in 12 months, your license will be revoked accordingly.  Only through a hearing will any individual be allowed to regain the privilege to drive.  Avoiding this process begins with consulting with an attorney to determine if you have reasonable cause to challenge the ticket.  Only then can the legal matter proceed.

What are the point penalties for speeding ticket in TN?

The baseline point value for speeding is one point and this is granted for those that exceed the speed limit by 1 – 5 miles per hour.  It is usually not likely that one is given a speeding ticket Tennessee for this offense.  The point total jumps to three however, for violations ranging from 6 – 15 mph over the speed limit.  The point totals increase incrementally for the speeding ticket in TN, by one for each interval of five after that, for up to six points for exceeding the speed limit by 36 – 45 mph.  

Note that the points from a single incident resulting in a speeding ticket in TN can be as high as 8 points if the driver is found to be driving at 45+ mph, has caused injury, has a cancelled license or is otherwise reckless and in the process, endangers others.

Point penalties raise insurance rates as well as bring one closer to license suspension, which is why you will consider a legal defense when you receive a speeding ticket Tennessee.

How do I get points taken off my license if I get a speeding ticket Tennessee?

When you get a speeding ticket Tennessee, you might have to arrange to take a defensive driving class or other educational courses.  These are not mandatory and you only be eligible to take these classes for minor offenses related to speeding tickets in Tennessee.  

How do deal with being issued a speeding ticket TN

When you are stopped on the road for a speeding ticket Tennessee, your conduct will be important.  Do not argue or try to beat the ticket with law enforcement.  Be polite and avoid confrontation to avoid further penalties aside from the speeding ticket in TN.  You will take the ticket and set your day in traffic court, if necessary.  No other action should be taken on your part when the speeding ticket Tennessee is written.

Should I find an attorney to deal with my speeding tickets in Tennessee?

Generally a speeding ticket in TN is not a major issue but multiple speeding tickets in Tennessee can compromise your right to operate a motor vehicle and keep your license.  There might even be stiff penalties attached to those that routinely accumulate speeding tickets in Tennessee.  Avoiding speeding tickets in Tennessee is one of the conditions for receiving a license in TN.  You will work with speeding tickets in Tennessee attorney to negotiate and work to keep your license in your hands, without further complications from your negligent driving behavior.