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South Carolina License Plates

South Carolina License Plates

When you buy a vehicle in South Carolina, you can choose to also transfer your old license plate, buy a new license plate, or buy a 45-day temporary license plate. Aside from being issued regular South Carolina license plates, you can also order personalized, specialized, or disabled South Carolina license plates.

Specialized South Carolina License Plates

The Department of Motor Vehicles of South Carolina offers a variety of specialized South Carolina license plates. You may wish to have a license plate designating your university or college, a non-profit organization, or a military branch. In order to obtain specialized South Carolina license plates, you will need to submit Form MV-95, the Application for Special License Plate, to the Department of Motor vehicles along with the $24 standard registration fee for passenger cars, and an additional registration fee whose amount varies depending on the organization.  Some can be up to $100.

Personalized South Carolina License Plates

You may also apply for customized, personal South Carolina license plates for a small fee of $30. In order to do so, you will need to submit need to complete Form MV-96, the Application for Personalized License Plate and a maximum of three choices for your personalized South Carolina License Plate. After you submit your application to be reviewed, it can be denied or approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Disabled South Carolina License Plates

If you are disabled, you can complete need to complete Form RG-007A, the Disabled Placard and License Plate Application, in order to apply for a disabled plate. A doctor will have to fill out a portion of the application in order to certify your condition. It costs $20 to get a disabled South Carolina license plate. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact South Carolina lawyers.