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Missouri Driving Test Questions

Missouri Driving Test Questions

What does a red light mean?

Red traffic lights indicate drivers must stop and may not proceed forward until the signal has turned to green.

Is it legal to turn right on red?

Yes. Drivers may make a right turn during a red light if there is no traffic coming from the opposite direction or pedestrians in the way.

What does a yellow light mean?

Yellow traffic lights indicate the light is about to turn red. Drivers must stop unless they are unable to safely do so.

What is the difference between yellow and white lines on the road?

Yellow lines separate lanes on roads with traffic going in two directions. White lines separate lanes on roads with one-way traffic.

What does a brown traffic sign indicate?

Brown traffic signs inform motorists of public sites of interest.

How many sides does a stop sign have?

Stop signs have eight sides.

What shape is a traffic sign warning motorists of hazards or regulations?

Warning traffic signs are diamond shaped.

What is the minimum highway speed?

Missouri drivers must maintain a speed of at least 40 miles per hour on all highways.

What is the maximum highway speed?

Missouri drivers may not exceed 70 miles per hour on rural freeways. 

What is the speed limit on roads within cities or towns?

Missouri drivers may not exceed 25 miles per hour on city or town roads unless signs indicate otherwise.

Can a driver pass another driver in an intersection?

No. Drivers must be at least 100 feet away from an intersection in order to pass another vehicle.

When should a driver indicate a turn?

Drivers should signal their intent to execute a turn at least 100 feet in advance.

How close can a vehicle be parked to a fire hydrant?

Vehicles may be parked within any distance of a fire hydrant as long as they are not actually blocking it.

Can vehicles be parked in a direction opposite to traffic?


Is it legal to pass another vehicle using the shoulder of the lane?


Are motorcylists legally required to wear a helmet?

Yes. Regardless of their age, all motorcylists are required to wear a helmet while driving.

Are moped or scooter drivers legally required to wear a helmet?


Are drivers required to yield the right of way to funeral processions?

Yes. Drivers must always yield the right of way to funeral processions provided the vehicles have their headlights or hazard lights on.

Are back seat passengers required to wear a safety belt?

No. Only the driver and front seat passengers must wear safety belts in moving vehicles.

How much distance should be between a vehicle and another vehicle in front of it?

Drivers should strive to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between themselves and another vehicle.

Are drivers required to use their headlights if it is raining?

Yes. Missouri drivers who are using their windshield wipers are legally required to have their headlights on.