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Mississippi Driving Test Questions

Mississippi Driving Test Questions

Who has the right of way at an intersection?

The driver who arrives at an intersection first has the right of way. If two vehicles arrive at an intersection at the same time, the driver on the left must yield to the vehicle on his or her right.

Are drivers legally required to yield the right of way to funeral processions?

No. Drivers in Mississippi are not legally required to let funeral processions have the right of way.

What is the maximum highway speed?

Drivers may not exceed 70 miles per hour on Mississippi highways.

What is the minimum highway speed?

Drivers must maintain a speed of at least 40 miles per hour on Mississippi highways.

Is there a minimum speed on state roads?


Are there different maximum speeds for day and night highway driving?

No. The speed limit remains constant at all times of day.

What is the maximum speed in school zones?

Within city limits, drivers may not exceed 15 miles per hour in a school zone. Outside city limits, the speed limit may vary as posted.

How close to an intersection may a vehicle pass another vehicle on the left?

Drivers who wish to pass another vehicle may not be 100 feet or closer to an intersection.

How much space should drivers put between themselves and a vehicle in front?

Drivers should try to leave the space of at least one car between them and any vehicles ahead of them.

What does a yellow flashing traffic light mean?

Yellow traffic lights mean drivers are approaching a dangerous intersection and should slow down to make sure there is no traffic coming from another direction before proceeding.

How close can vehicles stop in front of a railway intersection?

If a train is coming or passing, drivers must stop no further than 50 feet away from an intersection and no closer than 10 feet away.

What do green traffic signs indicate?

Green traffic signs provide directions on what maneuvers are allowed.

What are the colors of signs informing drivers of regulations?

These kinds of signs are black or white.

Is it legal to drive and use a cell phone at the same time?

Drivers in Mississippi are allowed to talk on their cell phones while driving but are discouraged from doing so.

How strong must car brakes be?

A foot brake must be strong enough to stop a vehicle traveling 20 miles per hour in 30 feet. Hand brakes must be able to stop a vehicle traveling that speed within 50 feet.

Are drivers legally required to have a rear view mirror?


How close to the curb must a vehicle be parallel parked?

Drivers must leave no more than 12 inches between the side of their vehicle and the curb when parallel parking.

How close to a crosswalk can a vehicle legally be parked?

Parked vehicles must not be closer 10 feet to a crosswalk.

How close to a railway can a vehicle legally be parked?

Drivers may park no closer than 30 feet away from a railway intersection.