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Hawaii License Plates

Hawaii License Plates

Hawaii, like all other states, requires you to have Hawaii license plates on your motor vehicle. Hawaii provides many different specialized plates for you to choose from. You can usually pick out license plates the first time you register your motor vehicle at a county field office. However, you can still personalize your plates later for a small fee.

Searching for Personalized Hawaii License Plates

 Honolulu’s online special plate order system can be used in the county and city of Honolulu to search and purchase customized Hawaii license plates. In order to use this, you must have a vehicle that is registered currently in the County and City of Honolulu, for which the personalized Hawaii license plate will be issued to. If you are planning to buy a special plate as a gift for someone who has a vehicle that is registered currently in the County and City of Honolulu, you can also use this service. If you are in Hawaii County, you can also find applications online for personalized Hawaii license plates.

A $25.00 fee for specialized Hawaii license plates will be charged upon the initial license plate application and each renewal of the motor vehicle’s registration afterwards, as long as it still has the special license plate.   This $25.00 is in addition in addition to all of the normal fees placed on motor vehicles. These fees are not refundable.  Some of the special Hawaii license plates include the following:

• Bishop Museum license plates

• Honolulu Symphony license plates

• D.A.R.E. license plates

• Planned Parenthood license plates

• Hawaii Community Foundation license plates

• Hawaii Pacific University license plates

• Hawaii Firefighter Fund license plates

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