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Speeding Ticket Arizona

Speeding Ticket Arizona


A speeding ticket in AZ is a serious issue if you do not handle it appropriately.  While most speeding ticket in Arizona issue will not need to be resolved in traffic court or result in severe penalties, ignoring the ticket, fighting the ticket with law enforcement and the severity of the traffic offense can all contribute to an unsatisfactory resolution to this traffic safety matter.  You must obey all traffic signs, even in an emergency and you must interact politely with law enforcement, regardless of 

Fighting a speeding ticket in AZ

You will generally need to get an attorney to fighting a speeding ticket in Arizona.  This makes this matter much more expensive than simply paying on the ticket.  You will challenge the speeding ticket in Arizona in this was only when there are other consequences stemming from the speeding ticket, including losing one’s license.

What is the penalty associated with a speeding ticket in AZ

A speeding ticket in Arizona can potentially be as serious as a class 2 misdemeanor for the first time but can also be sufficiently higher for repeated offenses.  This is found in 28-121 of the Arizona code.  For most other speeding ticket in Arizona, this will result in 3 points on one’s license.  The collection of enough points can lead to the suspension and revocation of your driver’s license, as well as other civil penalties.

Can I have a speeding ticket in AZ removed from my record?

If you cannot fight the speeding ticket in Arizona, one of your other options will be to take an online driving class.  The court will allow this and make passing it conditional on removing the speeding ticket in Arizona from your record.  This option will be for those that have committed a moving violation, or have not attended a similar class to remove an infraction in the past 24 months and in both circumstances, no one was seriously injured or killed in the accident.

Radar camera speeding tickets in Arizona

There are somewhat different rules involved with speeding tickets take by photo radar units.  Speeding tickets in Arizona that are taken by camera need to be served to the driver under which the car is registered and this includes drivers from out of state.  There will be a certified letter sent to you that once signed, acknowledged that you have been served and will now have to meet the obligation attached to the speeding ticket in AZ.  Your state may prosecute the speeding ticket from Arizona depending on your willingness to be served and your cooperation as well as the feasibility of dealing with the matter in Arizona.

How to deal with a traffic stop for a speeding ticket in AZ

Under no circumstances are you to argue or confront law enforcement when you are stopped and written a ticket.  You will not “win” or convince the police officer of your innocence and stand to escalate the situation.  You will need to cooperate, accept the ticket and prepare to pay, challenge or otherwise deal with the ticket according to speeding ticket in AZ laws.

Should I get an attorney to fight speeding tickets in Arizona?

If you get multiple speeding tickets in Arizona, then you should consider the services of speeding tickets in Arizona attorney to get the penalties associated with speeding reduced.  You will do this to avoid losing your license, demonstrating a commitment to reduce unsafe behavior and otherwise demonstrate that you will avoid further speeding tickets in Arizona.  Multiple speeding tickets in Arizona can lead to imprisonment and other penalties and you will want an attorney to help you avoid these issues.