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Georgia Parking Laws

Georgia Parking Laws


Quick Guide to Georgia Parking Laws

Georgia Parking Laws

The majority of Georgia parking laws that generally apply to the public are listed under code 40-6-203 of the Georgia Revised Code.  

This article will cover different kinds of violations under this Georgia parking law and several other laws as well.  Additionally, you will find information about paying your ticket online.  These fines may greatly differentiate depending on the jurisdiction you received your fine, but you have the ability to appeal these fines in most cases.  

Sections of Georgia Parking Law

Each jurisdiction within the state of Georgia has its own local ordinances, but any of the Georgia parking laws in this section applies to all jurisdictions.  Some common violations are usually associated with breaking a Georgia parking law under the following sections of code: 


This code states that any of the following types of parking are illegal: 

• on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at a curb on the street

• on the sidewalk

• within an intersection

• on a crosswalk

• between a safety zone or within 30 feet of the ends of the safety zone

• alongside or opposite of any street excavations that would obstruct traffic 

• on a bridge, in a tunnel, or on any elevated structure of highway 

• on any railroad tracks

• on any controlled-access highway

• in the areas between a divided highway, including crossovers 

• at any place where signs prohibit parking or stopping

• in front of a public driveway

• within 15 of a fire hydrant

• within 20 feet of a crosswalk 

• within 30 feet of a stop sign, flashing signal, or traffic light 

• within 20 feet of a fire station or 75 feet if the fire stations posts a sign 

• within 50 feet of a railroad crossing unless loading or unloading 


This GA parking law states that nobody can park a car outside of a business or residential district if there is a convenient place to pull off of the roadway.  If there is not an appropriate place to pull off, this Georgia parking law states the car cannot impede traffic in any way.  


The Georgia parking laws under these sections provide provisions for parking on private property, including government property when the person is not authorized to park.  These Georgia parking laws institute specific fines for parking within a private parking area: 

• first offense- no more than $50

• second offense- no more than $100 

• third offense- no more than $150

Paying your Ticket Online

If you have violated Georgia parking laws, you may have the possibility to pay your fine online.  Not all courts allow online payments, and you’ll want to search for your court and payment requirements. 

If you believe you can contest the violation of the Georgia parking law, you shouldn’t pay your ticket online until the court hears the appeal.