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Arizona Parking Laws

Arizona Parking Laws


The state of Arizona has the ability to grant special parking privileges to the disabled and others with special needs that would be eased with preferential parking.  There is also a reciprocity agreement in Arizona parking laws that recognizes disability tags from other states and the privileges and preferential parking that is granted by that designation.  This reciprocity is present in AZ parking laws as well as the laws of other states.

Articles 13 and 14 relating to AZ parking laws

Most provisions related to Arizona parking laws will be located in Title 28, Article 13 of the Arizona Code, as Title 28 deals with transportation law in the state.  Article 13 will deal specifically with stopping, standing or parking, while Article 14 delves deeper into parking for persons with disabilities.  Both articles of AZ parking laws are located in Chapter 3, which discusses traffic and vehicle regulation.

Parking on or near a highway under AZ parking laws

Specific provisions of Article 13 note that stopping, standing or parking on parts of the highway where it would be practical to do so off the highway is not allowed.  This includes if the vehicle is attended or non-attended.  In the event that stopping is unavoidable, then the vehicle must be as visible as possible, with hazard lights and a clear view of at least 200 yards.  Predictably, this Arizona parking law provision does not apply to stalled vehicles that must be removed with the aid of towing.  US mail carriers are also exempt from that portion of the Arizona parking laws, though there are specific regulations on what designations, markings must be on the vehicle that is allowed to make sure that the vehicle is visible to traffic while it picks up mail.

Any vehicle standing on the highway can be ordered removed by a police officer as long as it is determined to be an obstacle or hazard to traffic under Arizona parking law.  There are also provisions in Arizona parking laws to have the vehicle removed in instances of theft, unattended vehicles, and the arrest of the driver or the inability for the vehicle to be moved to safety.  A towing form is always filled out when a vehicle must be removed from parking, standing or stopped on a highway, according to Arizona parking laws.

Other parking rules of note under AZ parking laws

The Arizona parking laws focus on highways as that is a major part of the jurisdiction of the state, with counties and municipalities dealing with other enforcement issues of traffic and parking laws.  Still, other Arizona parking law guidelines that describe parallel and angle parking as well as the right of certain state employees to place signage on roadways that would allow or disallow parking there.  The signs would be official and enforceable by law enforcement under Arizona parking law.

AZ parking laws and law enforcement

Law enforcement vehicles have a blanket exception against Arizona parking laws.  For the purposes of law enforcement, no state or other parking laws will be applied to the stopping, standing and parking of a law enforcement vehicle on duty under AZ parking laws.

What happens if I violate Arizona parking law?

Violating Arizona parking law is generally not a serious offense.  Your car might be towed, at your expense, but if the car is unable to be moved and you remain with the car while getting assistance, then this is not a violation of the Arizona parking law.  Be prepared to pay tickets and other penalties, depending on where the vehicle is parked, based on Arizona parking law.