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Wisconsin Parking Laws

Wisconsin Parking Laws


Understanding the Wisconsin Parking Laws

Truthfully, certain WI parking laws will differ from city to city, and even from county to county. But you can get a pretty good idea on what to expect just in case you’re facing any one of these issues:

Common Violations of WI Parking Laws

1. Parking in an Intersection

2. Parking on a Crosswalk

3. Parking in a Safety Zone

4. Parking on a Sidewalk

5. Parking Alongside a Highway Excavation

6. Parking in a Loading Zone

7. Parking in an Alley of a Business District

8. Parking Less Than 15 Feet From a Crosswalk

9. Angle Parking : WI parking laws

10. Failure to Park in Designated Angle Space

11. Double Parking : WI parking laws

12. Parking in the Wrong Direction

13. Parking Less Than Two Feet From Another Vehicle

14. Parking an Unregistered Vehicle

15. Parking Without Properly Displaying Vehicle Registration

16. Meter Parking Violation

17. Parking More Than 12 Inches From a Curb

18. Night Parking : WI parking laws

19. Night Parking (With an Ineligible Vehicle)

20. Parking as an Unidentified Owner of Vehicle

21. Parking in a Bus Loading Zone

22. Parking Within 4 Feet of a Driveway/Alley/Entrance

23. Parking in a Residential Parking Program Lot

24. Selling a Vehicle on Public Property

25. Parking Within 10 Feet of a Hydrant

26. Parking in a “No Parking” Zone

27. Parking in a School Zone

28. Parking on Service Drive Adjacent to Highway

29. Parking in a Prohibited Spot for ¼ Hour

30. Parking in a Prohibited Spot for ½ Hour

And much, much more under the Wisconsin parking laws. You should also keep in mind that these specific violations of WI parking laws and the written fines below apply to the city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin – so depending on the county or city, the fines may vary.

The important thing to understand in regards to these Wisconsin parking laws and violations is that there are second and third offenses for some of these. The fines go up for every additional offense for some of these violations of WI parking laws.

The Fines Involved With Wisconsin Parking Laws

When it comes to parking in an intersection, the initial parking ticket under Wisconsin parking laws would cost $30. An additional offense of that Wisconsin parking law, though, would bump up that price to $10. The same Wisconsin parking law goes for safety zones, sidewalks, alongside highway excavations, business alleys, less than 15 feet from a crosswalk, angle parking, double parking, wrong directions, and parking less than 2 feet from another vehicle.

The Wisconsin parking law violation for parking in a loading zone, however, would cost $35.

We get into hefty fines, though, when dealing with unregistered vehicle Wisconsin parking law violations: parking tickets for those will cost $60 on the first offense. An additional offense of the Wisconsin parking law would be $65; a third offense would jump up to $70; and a fourth would get up to $75.

A violation or two of certain WI parking laws would go as high as $200 for the first offense. 

Paying for the Ticket Online

Thankfully, there’s a way to pay for those parking tickets online with the convenience of a credit card. Typically there’s a fee involved for conducting that form of payment. In Milwaukee, the fee is $2 to pay for a ticket online.

Pay your parking tickets/citations conveniently online with a credit card 24/7. A $2 fee is imposed on each transaction.