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Puerto Rico Parking Laws

Puerto Rico Parking Laws


Guide to Puerto Rico Parking Laws

If you violate PR parking laws, you can expect to receive a traffic ticket for a non-moving violation.  While these violations do not accumulate points on your license, it is still important to know Puerto Rico parking laws so that you can avoid actions that might lead to fines or towing.  This guide will explain PR parking laws and the fines you can expect to receive for violations of these laws.  Unlike U.S. states, where the cost of violating parking ordinances usually varies significantly by municipality, Puerto Rico parking laws are the same throughout the territory, with consistent fines for particular violations.

Puerto Rico Parking Laws: Disabled Parking

Much like in the 50 U.S. States, PR parking laws require businesses to set aside special parking spaces for the handicapped.  In order to legally park in one of these spaces, you must be able to show a disabled license plate or have a swinging tag prominently displayed from your rear view mirror that indicates your eligibility for disable parking.  Failure to properly display a handicapped tag may lead to ticketing under Puerto Rico parking laws.

It is a violation of PR parking laws to park in a handicapped space if the disabled person is not in the vehicle when it is parked.  You may be assessed a fine and the person whose handicapped tag has been misused may have their tag revoked if it is shown that they allowed you to use the tag fraudulently.  Violators of these Puerto Rico parking laws can expect fines of $50-200.

Puerto Rico Parking Laws: Obstructing Traffic

Obstructing traffic with your vehicle is a major violation of PR parking laws and can be punished with a fine of $50.  In addition to this fine, Puerto Rico parking laws allow for your vehicle to be towed away if you are obstructing the flow of traffic.  You can typically expect it to cost even more than your parking fine to pay for the towing and impounding of your vehicle, so it is important not to park where you know traffic may be obstructed.

Puerto Rico Parking Laws: Parking in the Wrong Place

If you have parked in violation of other PR parking laws, your fine will depend on where exactly your vehicle was parked.  Parking in front of a fire station or fire hydrant will result in a $50 fine according to Puerto Rico parking laws, as will parking in front of a bus stop or on a curb or grassy area.  You may also be assessed with a $50 fine for parking on a sidewalk, but parking on a non-sidewalk pedestrian walkway will only result in a $25 fine, as will parking in a loading/unloading zone.

Puerto Rico Parking Laws: Failure to Pay Tickets

If you do not pay your tickets, according to PR parking laws your vehicle may be immobilized or towed.  Additionally, violators of Puerto Rico parking laws who do not pay their tickets may see the tickets moved to collections.  This can affect your credit score and your ability to seek credit for a home mortgage or car loan in the future.