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Pennsylvania Parking Laws

Pennsylvania Parking Laws


Guide to Pennsylvania Parking Laws

While parking tickets can seem like an unfortunate but necessary consequence of urban life, understanding PA parking laws can prevent an expensive ticket from hurting your wallet or even your credit score.  This guide will explain several Pennsylvania parking laws and the fines you can expect to pay for a violation.  You'll also learn how to pay your ticket online if you've been caught violating PA parking laws, and how to fight a parking ticket if you believe you have been issued one in error.

Who Pays?

According to Pennsylvania parking laws, the person who is the registered owner of a car will generally be assumed to be the responsible driver when a parking ticket is issued.  If a ticket is delinquent, this is the driver who will be mailed.  If you were not driving the car and were issued a ticket, you may be able to have the ticket put in someone else's name if you can prove they were driving at the time.  According to PA parking laws, you are not responsible for any parking tickets incurred by someone who did not have permission to use your vehicle or if your car was reported stolen.

Disabled Parking

While it may be tempting for some people to take the parking spaces closest to a store, parking in disabled spots without an appropriate placard is a serious parking violation that is subject to a fine of $50 to $200.  You can also be fined according to Pennsylvania parking laws for displaying a handicapped placard and using a handicapped space if the placard belongs to someone who is not in the car at the time.

Failure to Pay Parking Tickets

While parking tickets are often for relatively small amounts—some as little as $10—you should pay them as quickly as possible.  PA parking laws require that parking tickets contain information on the deadline for payment.  Neglecting your parking tickets could mean that your fines will increase or even that your ticket is taken to collections, which can negatively impact your credit score.  This can hurt your chances of obtaining a loan or even getting a job, so it is important to abide by Pennsylvania parking laws and pay your tickets before the deadline.

Paying Parking Tickets Online

If you've been given a ticket for violating PA parking laws, you may be able to pay for it online.  Pittsburgh's website for paying your ticket online, also for Philadelphia.  Several other jurisdictions also allow people to pay for their parking tickets online.  In some cases, a transaction fee may apply to your online ticket payment.

Fighting a Parking Ticket

If you believe you were given an improper parking ticket or that you did not violate Pennsylvania parking laws when you parked, you may be able to fight your ticket.  Usually, fighting a parking ticket will require hiring an attorney.  You may want to evaluate the relative costs of paying your ticket and hiring an attorney before you choose to fight a case involving violations of PA parking laws.