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Minnesota Driving Test Questions

Minnesota Driving Test Questions

How far in advance must a turn be signaled?

Drivers must signal their intent to turn at least 100 feet in advance.

Can hand signs be used to make a turn?

Hand signs can be used instead of a car’s signal lights to signal a turn during the daytime. This is not allowed at night.

Is it legal to make a left turn on a red light?

Drivers may turn left on a red light if they are going from one one-way street to another.

Is it legal to make a u-turn near the top of a hill?

No. It is not legal to make a u-turn if the vehicle is not visible from 1,000 feet away in all directions.

Is it legal to pass within 100 feet of an oncoming vehicle?

No. Drivers must have at least 100 feet with no traffic coming from the other direction to legally pass another vehicle in Minnesota.

How close can another vehicle be passed near an intersection?

Drivers must be no closer than 100 feet to an intersection if they are passing.

How close to the curb must drivers park if they are parallel parking? 

There can be no more than 12 inches between a vehicle and a curb if a vehicle is being parallel parked.

How close can a driver park to a fire hydrant?

A parked vehicle must be no closer than 10 feet to a fire hydrant.

How close can a driver park to a crosswalk?

A parked vehicle must be no closer than 20 feet away from a crosswalk.

Is it legal to park on a bridge?

No. Drivers are not allowed to park on any bridges.

Must drivers involved in a crash report it to the police?

If no one is injured or killed and the damage done is less than $1,000, vehicles are not required to report an accident to the police. If any of these three things happens, drivers must file a report within 10 days of the incident.

Is it legal to text and drive?

No, unless the situation is an emergency.

How far must drivers stop from a parked school bus when children are exiting or entering?

Vehicles must stop at least 20 feet away from any school bus when children are getting on or off.

How far back must vehicles stay from fire trucks?

Drivers must maintain a minimum distance of 500 feet from any fire truck responding to a call.

How far away must drivers stay from bicyclists?

Drivers must maintain a gap of at least three feet between the side of their vehicle and any bicyclists.

What do orange signs indicate?

Orange signs warn drivers they are approaching or passing a construction zone and may post reduced speed limit guidelines.

Does a green traffic light mean drivers may automatically proceed?

No. Drivers must always make sure there is no traffic coming from another direction before driving through an intersection even if there is a green light.