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Maryland Parking Laws

Maryland Parking Laws


Understanding the Maryland Parking Laws

Everyone likes to take for granted certain MD parking laws that are practically common sense; but in the state of Maryland, it’s always important to know what you’re dealing with in the event that you show up at the parking spot you had your vehicle in to find that it was towed!

No one wants that happening. So the important thing is to avoid that and obey the Maryland parking law. Starting with….

The General Parking Rules for Maryland Parking Law

1. Your Vehicle Must Not Be a Hazard When Parked

2. You Must Park Your Vehicle Far Enough From Any Traffic Lane

3. You Must Park Your Vehicle as Close to the Curb as Possible

4. Park in ‘Designated’ Areas

It’s amazing how these Maryland parking laws can be dismissed. Just know that if the Maryland parking law is grossly violated, it could mean a parking ticket.

What Makes a Car a ‘Hazard’ Under Maryland Parking Law?

Some of this may make sense to some when considering the Maryland parking law. For instance:

1. Parking in Front of a Fire Hydrant

2. Parking in a School Zone

3. Double Parking

4. Parking in Loading Zones

There are many more defined by the Maryland parking laws. Those are just a few MD parking laws. Obviously, the fire hydrant MD parking laws are a given. In the case of a potential fire, if your car is parked in front of that hydrant, you could be risking a lot of danger and damage simply because the fire department won’t have access to the water it needs.

It therefore makes your automobile a potential hazard under those MD parking laws.

The same MD parking laws go for school zones. In any area where there are children, if your car acts as a barrier, it could be a hazard for buses and other vehicles trying to maneuver.

Double parking is a particular nasty hazard when it comes to Maryland parking laws. Don’t do it. The problem with double parking is you’re taking up too much space in a street lane that is used for travel. Even if it’s for a few minutes or so, it’s still a violation of Maryland parking laws.

And, of course, when it comes to retail, no one may park in loading zones for the obvious reason that customers are allowed to load their groceries in those designated areas. Other cars unoccupied in those areas could potentially be hazards for those customers trying to get out.

Paying Tickets Online

Parking tickets may vary wildly depending on the violation, but the great thing about the state of Maryland is there is a resource for drivers to pay their tickets online. It’s important that drivers take advantage of that; simply visit the DMV in Maryland to find out more information about how to take care of parking violations on your record.

Other Rules and Regulations

Again, basic common law – and if these laws aren’t followed, you could be held accountable for all kinds of situations, such as accidents.

1. Setting Your Parking Brake

2. Setting Your Gear in ‘Park’

3. Check Mirrors Before Opening the Door

4. Take Your Keys With You

They seem very self-explanatory. But you’d be surprised how some of this could be taken for granted.