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Maine Parking Laws

Maine Parking Laws

Short Guide to Maine Parking Laws:

In the state of Maine, the Motor Vehicle Commission is not responsible for issuing parking tickets or collecting payments on them. All parking tickets in the state of Maine are processed through the Maine Municipal courts. Because of this system, Maine parking laws are established by individual towns. The specific types of violations and their attached fines will fluctuate based on jurisdiction. With that in mind, Maine parking laws institute and uphold all of the uniform parking laws of the broader nation. Listed below are some common examples of Maine parking laws:

• Maine parking law states that it is illegal to park on reserved bicycle lanes. 

• Maine parking law states that it is illegal to park within a certain amount of feet of any intersection; blocking visibility is illegal throughout the state

• Maine parking law states that it is illegal to park in a crosswalk or in front of a handicapped access ramp. 

• Maine parking laws regulate the distance for which a car must park near a card.

• Maine parking laws state that it is illegal to stop or park next to a parked vehicle (double parking); it is also illegal to block a driveway or park in the area between the roadway of a divided highway.

• Maine parking laws make it illegal to park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. 

• Maine parking laws make it illegal to park on sidewalks.

Again, the attached penalties and the intricacies associated with the above violations will fluctuate based on the town and/or jurisdiction you are in. 

What Do I Do I Get a Maine Parking Ticket?

To seek information concerning Maine parking laws, or more specifically your Maine parking ticket, please visit the following site.

The Maine Judicial Branch Violations Bureau is responsible for handling all traffic infractions throughout the entire state. If you wish to view—and pay—your Maine parking ticket (only credit cards are accepted) please visit the PayTixx system. 

You may contact the Maine Judicial branch Violations Bureau at the following locations: 

Violations Bureau

85 Park Street, P.O. Box 480

Lewiston, ME 04243-0480

PayTixx: Toll Free 1-866-PAY-TIXX (729-8499)

Violations Bureau Telephone: (207) 783-5422

Fax: (207) 783-5465 TTY: (207) 783-5435

Payment Window Hours: 9-3 PM (Mon-Fri)