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Kansas Driving Test Questions

Kansas Driving Test Questions

What is the speed limit in a city or town?

The maximum speed limit in any city or town is 30 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

What is the speed limit on a highway?

Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed on a highway is 70 miles per hour. 

What is the speed limit for wet roads?

These is no set speed limit for wet roads. The driver must obey existing speed guidelines and apply their own judgment.

How early must you signal a turn?

Drivers must signal a turn at least 100 feet ahead of time.

When do blind people legally have the right of way?

Drivers must yield to a blind person who is carrying a cane or being led by a service dog.

When do you have to yield to a yellow light?

Drivers must stop if a traffic signal turns yellow before you enter the intersection. If the light turns yellow while you have already entered the intersection drivers should proceed forward.

Is it legal to pass on a bridge?

Drivers may not pass within 100 feet of a bridge if you cannot see the road ahead clearly.

How many feet ahead must the road be clear to pass?

Drivers must have at least 200 feet of clear road ahead of you to pass.

Is it legal to pass at a railroad intersection?

No. Drivers cannot pass another vehicle at a railroad intersection.

Is it legal to pass on the right?

Drivers may pass other vehicles on the right if there are at least two lanes of traffic.

Is it legal to pass on the shoulder?

No. Drivers cannot use the shoulder to pass unless it is an emergency or they are directed to do so by law enforcement officials.

If two drivers approach an intersection at the same time, who has the right of way?

The driver on the left must yield the right of way.

How close are drivers permitted to park to fire hydrants?

Drivers may not park closer than 15 feet away from a fire hydrant.

When driving at night, when must drivers dim their lights when another vehicle approaches?

Drivers must dim their lights within 500 feet of another vehicle’s approach.

What are the three kinds of traffic signs?

The three kinds of traffic signs are regulatory signs that provide information about driving laws for the particular stretch of road, warning signs that indicate unsafe conditions or other things to look out for and guide signs that provide information about upcoming features of the road.

What shape are warning signs?

Warning signs are diamond shaped, except for round railroad crossing signs.

What color are construction signs?

Construction signs are black on orange.

What color are service signs?

Service signs are blue.

How far away must drivers stop from a railroad intersection?

If a stop is indicated, drivers must stop no further than 15 feet away a railway but must be within 50 feet of the intersection.