South Carolina Vehicle Registration

South Carolina Vehicle Registration

South Carolina Vehicle Registration

If you buy a new or used vehicle or if you move to South Carolina from a different state, you must apply for a new title and SC vehicle registration. You may apply for your title and SC registration by mail. Motor vehicles have to complete SC vehicle registration every two years. Passenger vehicle SC registrations undergo renewal every other year in the specific month you first completed the SC vehicle registration in South Carolina. A renewal registration sticker will be given each year after you pay your required vehicle property taxes. You can renew your SC vehicle registration by mail when you pay the required vehicle property taxes.
First-Time South Carolina Vehicle Registration
If you are moving to South Carolina from another state, you have forty-five (45) days to transfer your out-of-state title and registration. You can apply for the title and SC vehicle registration by mail. Form 400, the Application for Certificate of Title and Registration, which has to be completed, contains the correct mailing address.
In order to transfer out-of-state title and registration and complete your South Carolina vehicle registration, you need the following documents:
• Your out-of-state title and registration for the SC vehicle registration.

• If there is currently a lien on your motor vehicle, you must have the name and the address of the company which holds the lien for the SC registration.

• Liability Insurance information: you must give the name of your liability insurance company rather than the name of the agent.

• Acceptable Identification for the SC vehicle registration.

• Completed Form 400, the Application for Certificate of Title and Registration. This will require your odometer mileage reading and current lien information for your SC registration.

• Original Paid Vehicle Property Tax Receipt which shows proof of your payment of the vehicle property taxes in the county you reside in.
South Carolina Vehicle Registration Fees 
Depending on the type of vehicle, there are different South Carolina vehicle registration fees. Aside from the SC registration fees, there are additional fees that are applied at the time of your SC vehicle registration. They include the following:
• Title fee: $15.00

• South Carolina vehicle registration for passenger cars: $24.00

• South Carolina vehicle registration for RV's: $24.00

• South Carolina vehicle registration for persons up to 64 years old: $22.00 

• South Carolina vehicle registration for persons 65 or older: $20.00

• South Carolina vehicle registration for motorcycles - $10.00

• South Carolina vehicle registration for Utility or Camper Trailers: $10.00

• South Carolina vehicle registration for trailers more than 2500 pounds: $20.00 fee

• Truck trailers, trucks, and road tractors: Depends on gross vehicle rate, ranges from $30.00-$100.00 




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