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Massachusetts Parking Laws

Massachusetts Parking Laws


Massachusetts Parking Laws:

In the state of Massachusetts, the Motor Vehicle Commission is not responsible for issuing parking tickets or collecting payments on them; MA parking laws are upheld by the state’s local courts. Additionally, all parking tickets in the state of Massachusetts are processed through the Massachusetts Municipal courts. Because of this system, Massachusetts parking laws are established by individual towns. The specific types of violations and their attached fines will fluctuate based on jurisdiction. With that in mind, Massachusetts parking laws institute and uphold all of the uniform parking laws of the broader nation. Listed below are some common examples of Massachusetts parking laws:

• Massachusetts parking law states that it is illegal to park on reserved bicycle lanes. 

• Massachusetts parking law states that it is illegal to park within a certain amount of feet of any intersection; blocking visibility is illegal throughout the state

• MA parking law states that it is illegal to park in a crosswalk or in front of a handicapped access ramp. 

• Massachusetts parking laws regulate the distance for which a car must park near a card

• Massachusetts parking laws state that it is illegal to stop or park next to a parked vehicle (double parking); it is also illegal to block a driveway or park in the area between the roadway of a divided highway 

• Massachusetts parking laws make it illegal to park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant 

• MA parking laws make it illegal to park on sidewalks

Again, the attached penalties and the intricacies associated with the above violations will fluctuate based on the town and/or jurisdiction you are in. 

What Do I Do I Get a Massachusetts Parking Ticket?

If you break MA parking laws and receive a ticket for your infraction you must either pay the fine or—if your citation says so—appear in court. Typically a mandatory court appearance is reserved for repeat violators or those who severely break a MA parking law. At court, you may plead guilty and pay your ticket or plead not guilty and fight the charge in court. For most drivers, paying the fine is more appealing, especially considering the fact that MA parking laws has a convenient online payment system for parking and moving violations. 

How to Pay Your Parking Tickets Online:

To pay your parking tickets online please visit here.

To pay your Massachusetts parking ticket through this site you must have your license plate number or parking ticket number handy. When you click “continue” you will be brought to the traffic ticket search. On this page you can either enter your license plate number or information found on the tangible parking ticket (court I.D. number, ticket prefix and ticket number). When this information is entered click “continue” and enter your personal information along with your payment method (the Massachusetts Courts accept most major credit cards and debit card transactions). Once your payment information is entered, click submit and record the receipt. At this time your Massachusetts parking ticket is paid.